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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Yu*yu’s Handmade Diary

It’s Monday again! Time for free sewing patterns. Today’s link features a Japanese blog – yu*yu’s Handmade Diary. The blog belongs to a very talented Japanese lady who makes all kinds of stuff, from clothes to bags and even key pouches. She features her products on her blog and sells them at her store (which […]

Understanding the instructions – working example

It’s been a quiet week on the blog, because we are celebrating Chinese New Year over here in Singapore. Only two days of public holidays but many people have taken leave because there is so much partying to do. Will be back in full force next week. In the meantime, one of my friends needed […]

Book review – Sewing Recipe for Girls

Sewing recipe for girls

This was a great find from Kinokuniya in Sapporo. It is a book that covers almost everything you need about sewing. Yes, including how to thread a needle. Included are 8 basic patterns, and each of them comes with at least one applied pattern, which means they will make a variation using the same template […]

Understanding a typical Japanese sewing pattern

After posting the dictionary of sewing terms, I shall now go through an example of a typical pattern you can find in the sewing books. Most pattern books follow a similar structure such as this one. You will usually find something like the above, with the size information as well as the list of materials […]

Free Japanese sewing patterns – Polka Drops

Today’s link to free Japanese sewing patterns features the website I’ve come across this brand/website a couple of times in sewing magazines and pattern books. Most of their patterns are for sale from their online shop but they also provide some free patterns. These are downloadable as pdfs and in Japanese. The projects include […]

How to make – Choose size, locate instructions and trace the patterns

This will be a series of posts to guide you through the steps of making a dress using a Japanese sewing book pattern. Hope that this will be useful especially to beginners or those of you who have just bought one for the first time and can’t wait to try! Step 1 – Find the […]

How to Make – Introduction

A typical Japanese sewing or pattern book usually starts with gorgeous pictures of cute models in the finished projects, sometimes followed by a summary of all the projects available in the book. At the end of the pretty pictures, before you dive into the patterns+instructions per se, there is usually a page indicating size information […]

Book Review – Pochée

Pochée kids special

Pochée magazine is a sewing magazine mainly for women, and I would never have discovered it if not for this. I found this under the sewing books section while browsing in a bookstore in Japan, I couldn’t believe I have never seen this magazine before, since our local Kinokuniya does stock up a good variety […]

Free Japanese sewing patterns

I was in Japan for a holiday just a few weeks ago, and stumbled upon a shop in Otaru that sold fabrics and notions. The best thing about Japanese fabric shops are that they usually have samples of finished products hanging near the fabrics and it gives you a good feel of the weight and […]