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Book Review – Handmade Rilakkuma

Today’s book is really fun. Have you heard of Rilakkuma? It’s a character from San-x, also known as Relax Bear. It’s one of my favourite characters. I have many Rilakkuma goods. Notepads, a tote bag, even have a 3D Rilakkuma iphone case! For those of you who are fans, this is a great book. It […]

Fabric names translated from Japanese

I come across many comments while surfing for Japanese Sewing Books, that Japanese patterns are very pretty, the photos in the books are gorgeous, but the results always look shapeless and sometimes pajama like? Not true. First of all, there are books with properly fitted bodices/dresses that are not loose and airy. It’s just that […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns –

Today’s free patterns come from one of my favourite Japanese fabric brands. Lecien Corporation  is a manufacturer of fabrics, handicrafts as well as ladies clothes and even lingerie. I’m sure most of us who sew will recognize their brand as a manufacturer, given that they produce so many pretty fabrics. On their website, there is a hobby […]

Book Review – Pochee 2010 Spring Vol. 9


First of all, I’m not sure if Pochee is a book or a magazine. If you remember my other Pochee review over here, I used to think that it was a magazine, like Cotton Friend/Cotton Time, but the staff at Kinouniya told me it’s a book. and it does have an ISBN number. Anyway, I’ll […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Juki


I didn’t post last week as it was school holidays. Holidays for the kids, but extra busy time for Mum Strangely though, I did have more time to sew. Somehow the kids are happier seeing my sewing (stuff for them) then working on the computer. So it was rather productive last week. I even bought […]

Book Review – Fashionable clothes girls like


Ok I’m really guessing the title here. The Japanese title is おしゃれが好きな女の子の服 which literally means Fashionable – like – girls’ clothes. Which doesn’t make sense right? So Google translate tells me it’s Girls like fashionable clothes. Which makes more sense but I prefer Fashionable clothes girls like Whatever the title, this book is a really cute […]

Free Japanese Patterns – Clover


Good Monday morning! Time to chase away those morning blues by indulging in some new free patterns I’ve discovered Note that I did not specify sewing patterns. That’s because, the site I am recommending today has lots more to offer than just sewing patterns. In fact, there are so many patterns I’m having a hard […]

Book Review – 1 day sewing

1 day summer clothes cover

Today’s book review is on making summer clothes for girls. Easy, quick, 1 day sewing. I picked up this book just based on the cover photo. I didn’t even look through it. By the way, in case you are wondering, the Kinokuniya here likes to shrink wrap all their books to prevent browsing. I think […]