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Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – UneUneGoroGoro


What a cute name!  Today’s blog is called UneUne GoroGoro うねうねごろごろ ( 日々をうねうね 日々をごろごろ) Google translate tells me it means Winding Purring (Winding everyday, Purring everyday). I don’t understand winding is but I am guessing this lady likes cats? It doesn’t matter because she makes the cutest things! I was drawn to this site because my little one […]

Winner of Mother’s Day Book Giveaway

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway. The winner of the first book giveaway is Sumi! Sumi, I will be contacting you via email soon For those of you who didn’t win, there will be more giveaways throughout the year so remember to check the site often. I will […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Nuimonotictac


I’ve seen a couple of requests for boy patterns. Sorry to say that because I have two girls, the only boy patterns I have are from books that have a combination of patterns for kids. I don’t have any books specially for boys! But today’s free pattern link will be useful to those of you […]

Mother’s Day Book Giveaway


So I’ve been thinking about a book giveaway for a while now. Seeing that it may not always be easy to buy a Japanese sewing book you’ve seen online, especially if you are not near a bookstore that stocks a large selection of hobby and craft books in a foreign language I’ve been seeing a […]

Book Review – Handmade Summer Clothes for Mama and Girls


Mother’s Day is coming…So it’s time to review a book for Mum’s and girls! Today’s book features matching summer clothes for Mums and their daughters. Knowing how busy Mummies are, it is better to get started on your summer sewing since it will probably take a couple of months to complete ;P I like the […]

Browse Japanese Craft Books online


Today’s link is not for a free pattern, but an amazing discovery. It’s not a new thing but I had no idea it existed till last week! It’s a really useful website for me because firstly, it is from my favourite Japanese sewing books publisher Nihon Vogue. Secondly, it allows me to browse through the […]

Translation Request – What size to make (for Ira)

I received a request via email today from Ira, who asked which size she should make for her 5 year old girl. Hi Ira! You didn’t mention how tall she is, so I can’t tell you exactly which one to use. But the patterns usually refer to size for kids by their heights. Under the […]

Book Review – Camisole & Cami-onepiece


I’ve been sewing for about 6 years now, and the hobby started because I wanted to sew pretty dresses for my girls. This explains why most of the books in my collection are for little girls. I did think about sewing for myself too, but most of the books I’ve seen tend toward baggy, flowy […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Otsukaya


Today’s free pattern find was contributed by Alice Heil from Sommet Outta Nuthin… Thanks Alice! The patterns are from which is a fabric store with branches in Nagoya, Gifu and Osaka. Just like the fabric store I went to in Otaru, they provided free patterns with the sample products that were on display in the store. […]

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Sasatto Sewing (offline)

Update 24 March : It seems that the following website has been taken offline. I tried searching in Japanese but they all turn up the old domain name which is no longer available. Most of the free patterns you can find online are for small zakka goods like bags and pouches, or simple skirts/shirts constructed […]