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Translation Wednesdays

sewingterms (1)

No translation requests today, so I found more sewing terms to translate! 用尺 - measure of cloth required when sewing 合印 – match marks (matching marks on pattern) わ – fold-line 縫い代 – seam allowance 中表 – right sides of fabric facing each other 外表 – wrong sides of fabric facing each other 割る- slit / […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Handmade SunMoon


It’s the beginning of the school holidays here and it’s hard trying to put a blog post together with the kids asking me questions every few minutes! Lol… Anyhow, today’s link to free patterns is a website called Handmade SunMoon. She does not have many projects yet but there are some interesting ones which I […]

Book Review – All your kids need Part 2 of 2

Today we will look at the rest of the book - All your kids need (read part 1 here) Some more sewing projects. The title says it’s formal wear for school entrance ceremony which apparently is a big thing at the beginning of the school term. But you can adapt it and use it for any […]

Translation Requests

Today’s question was more like a sewing pattern help than a real request for translation, but it’s still important. BK cut out the pieces to this shirt from one of the books that I happen to have and reviewed about . Simple+one by Kurai Muki. But she noticed that the pattern piece for facings (not […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns –


Pigeon is a big baby products brand in Japan. It is very popular in Singapore as well. When my babies were little, we used alot of Pigeon stuff, from baby wipes to teething rings, even my favorite nail clipper is actually a Pigeon baby nail clipper. I had some questions from readers about baby patterns, […]

Book Review – All Your Kids Need Part 1 of 2


Today’s book review is from one of my most frequently used books. This is a book covers sewing and other crafty projects, all related to school supplies and school going children. This book is also the thickest sewing/craft book I have! It’s 187 pages (not including credits As it is such a thick book, there […]

Translation Wednesdays!


I know that despite the best translation guides and dictionaries, sometimes it is still hard to deciper a pattern especially when you pick up a book like this. Some books provide great step by step picture, but this book gives me a one page “how-to-make”, with no step by step diagrams. I’m suppose to guess […]

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern –


Today’s free pattern find came from my search for a doll’s dress pattern for my girls. One of the best toys I’ve bought them is this Japanese doll called Mell-chan メルちゃん This doll is the sturdiest doll they have ever had. Every other doll they  have had over the years have fallen apart, lost limbs, got their […]

Book Review – Everyday Bags

Everyday Bags

Did you guys have fun sewing the Granny bag in the sew-along?  Here are more goodies in the book that the bag was “inspired” from The title of the book is  いちばんよくわかる - 毎日使いたいバッグ which according to Google translate means Most often seen – Bags I want to use everyday? Not too sure about the translation […]

Sew-Along Day 3 – The Granny Bag

grannybag (2)

Today we will finish the bag! Yay! 1. Iron on the interfacing to the long strips (handle strips) by aligning the pieces down the middle. Set aside for later. 2. Taking one of the shorter strips, pin it to the top opening of the bag, as shown below. 3. Sew 1cm from the top edge. […]