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Book Review – Daily Comfortable Clothes


This week’s book review is from a book I bought on my recent trip. It’s not a new book judging by it’s published date (Feb 2012). The title of the book is 毎日の心地よい服  by  櫻井悦子 (Etsuko Sakurai). I love the mood of the photographs in this book. Everything has a light and airy feel to […]

Translation Request – V-neck Straight Dress


Today’s translation request is from Ritisha, who needed some help with the following nani IRO pattern. I love nani IRO fabrics, but have never sewn with one (because I cannot bear to cut that single piece I have stashed away), and it was only after doing this translation that I realized it was slightly narrower […]

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Make a felt cake


Happy Monday! It’s back to school for us today and I had to wake up in the dark again. I miss the holidays already! Here’s something to cheer us up on a Monday. Another free pattern! Today’s free pattern is great for people who don’t have sewing machines as well, as it is a hand […]

Book Review – Cucito Summer 2012


Cucito is a kids sewing magazine published by Boutique-sha. The same people who publish Lady’s Boutique and Cotton Friend. They also publish a lot of other craft books and magazines. This is one of the magazines that I will buy regularly because not only is it cheaper than a normal sewing book but also for the […]

New Translation Terms – Patterns and Colors


One of the more important translation terms that I have yet to add, is the list of pattern names (e.g. polka dots/stripes) as well as colors. Most of the time you will be making the garment out of your own choice of fabrics, but for certain crafts/designs/patterns, it does matter what colors or prints you […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Sel et Sucre


Have you heard of a bag-in-bag? Do you have a bag-in-bag? Well, a bag-in-bag is basically a smaller bag that has lots of pockets and compartments that allows you to sort everything out and be super organized! It’s great for keeping all the important things like your mobile phone, cards, wallet. Not only does it […]

Translation Request – Alice’s Sun hat

uvhat (1)

Alice from Sommet Outta Nuthin… needed some help with translation for this pattern. I only translated the materials for kids size here as that’s the one she needed. Translations for Pg 44  UV Cut Hat from Pochee Vol. 9 Name of parts of hat トップクラウン – Top Crown (The circle piece right at the top) サイドクラウン – […]

Book Giveaway #2 – Choose your own book!

chooseyourbk (1)

Remember the last book giveaway for Mother’s Day? Here’s what our winner received in the mail! A little package of goodies! First we have the book (of course) some Handmade labels from Japan. A little book on patchwork projects, with visual diagrams teaching you the basic patchwork techniques. And some really cute post-it notes + labels. […]

Translation Requests

I received a request last week to translate 5 pages of a craft pattern. I spent hours on it, and even wrote up the blog post. It occurred to me just before posting it that it will be more useful if I had the title of the book and ISBN number so that anyone else […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Tank Engine


I was looking for a hat pattern to sew for my kids, and found this very useful site with step by step photographs for instructions The site is called Tank Engine and the links to the free patterns are here. When you click on the page, you will find a list of projects at the […]