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New Translation Terms – Patterns and Colors

June 20, 2012

One of the more important translation terms that I have yet to add, is the list of pattern names (e.g. polka dots/stripes) as well as colors. Most of the time you will be making the garment out of your own choice of fabrics, but for certain crafts/designs/patterns, it does matter what colors or prints you use .

So today I will be adding on to the list of terms, some of the colors and pattern names I have come across. I hope it will be useful to you.



  • 白 – White
  • 黒 – Black
  • グレー – Grey
  • 緑 – Green
  • 青 / ブルー – Blue
  • 黄土色 – Yellow Ochre
  • こげ茶 – Dark Brown
  • ベージュ – Beige
  • 山吹 – Bright Yellow
  • 赤 – Red
  • ネイビー – Navy
  • グラファイト – Graphite
  • 茶色 / ブラウン – Brown
  • ピンク – Pink


  • プリント – print (any prints in general)
  • リバテイプリント – Liberty print (from UK fabric brand Liberty which appears frequently in many Japanese sewing books)
  • 水玉 - polka dots
  • ボーダー Border / Mainly used to refer to horizontal stripes
  • ストライプ – Stripes in general (of any direction, vertical,diagonal etc)
  • ピンドット – Pin Dots
  • ドット – Dots
  • 花柄 – Floral pattern
  • 小花柄 – Little Floral pattern

The list is of course not exhaustive but these are the ones that I come across frequently as they are very commonly used. Will add on as I learn new terms! 🙂

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