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Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Wildberry Shop


Did you have a good weekend? I did! My overlocker/serger arrived and I spent the weekend getting to know my new toy better. No it’s not a babylock so no fancy jet air threading system for me, so I spent quite a bit of time threading and re-threading, and now I know for sure, that […]

Book Review – Easy wearing Clean-cut Ladies clothes

darenfu 1

The title of today’s book review is ゆったりだけどすっきりシルエットの大人服 This was a tricky one. The direct translation on Google translate said “Loose but Clear Silhouette Adults Clothes”.  I take it as Loose = Easy fitting/easy to wear, Clear Silhouette = Well defined lines (despite it being loose?), Adult clothes (says adult, but there are only women’s patterns […]

New Rucksack for School


The rucksack I made from the Kurai Muki Basic Bag making book last week. Followed the instructions to a tee following her youtube video (It’s a series of 6 videos, just follow the numbers to the next video. The only thing I should have done, is to add two pockets on the sides for her water […]

Reversible Messenger Bag

Finally took some photos of the reversible messenger bag I made last week. Pattern and instructions from Kurai Muki’s Basic Bag Making. Read the book review here.  

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Kizuqueen


There are lots of free pattern resources out there, but there are also many with more text than pictorial instructions. Which makes it hard to understand given the way Google auto-translates, which tends to be inaccurate when the grammar pattern of the target language is not similar to English. So when I come across a […]

Book Review – Kurai Muki’s Basic Bag Making

basicbagmaking 1

This post was due yesterday but I was caught up with a little project. Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen a youtube bag making video that I posted a few days ago. That project is from this book, and after watching the video I was inspired to actually get started […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Atelier


It’s Monday again! Here is the discovery of the week. Not just patterns from one blogger, but patterns from a whole community of crafters! The site is part of an online portal by Excite (which I had no idea was still around), for women. Going to the main site you can find links to different parts […]

Book Review – For Sweet Baby

forsweetbaby 1

I once promised someone that I would review a baby sewing book, but I just couldn’t remember where I stashed mine. My bookshelves are overflowing with kids books and there’s always no space for mine. So I have to keep them in all kinds of places. Some in the store room, some near the kitchen, […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – indy*uneko


I was searching for a handphone case pattern. I haven’t found one that I like yet, but I stumbled upon this site that made me want to make other things instead. The website is called indy*uneko  and it is a blog by a lady about her handmade goods. She has a section on free  patterns […]

Book Review – Knitwear for Kids


Today’s book review is about knitwear for kids. The common misconception is that you will need an overlocker or serger to sew knits. But this book shows you that it is possible to sew knits with a home sewing machine. In fact, the whole book is about sewing knits using a typical home sewing machine. […]