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Book Review – Canvas Bags


One of my new books, and quite a recent release as well as it was just released on July 24th. I have a weakness for bag pattern books. I first saw this under the new books listed in nihon-vogue’s website. The patterns are very simple but that’s precisely why I like the book. These bags […]

Translation Request – Polka Dot Tunic


Another translation request from the Daily Sewing Book. This time it’s pattern d. a Polka Dot tunic. Click on image for full translation.  

Sew Along 2 – The Balloon Dress – Day 3


Final day! Are you looking forward to finishing it up? Just two more steps. STEP 7 Now we need to gather the outer/surface fabric skirt.

Sew Along 2 – The Balloon Dress – Day 2

Today we will attach the pockets to the outer/surface fabric dress and sew the necklines+armholes.

Sew Along 2 – The Balloon Dress – Day 1

3 1

Good morning! Today we will start making the balloon dress. Before we begin, I’ll just make a quick explanation about the terms. The balloon dress is basically made up of two dresses. One wide dress on the outside (referred to in the instructions as dress in surface fabric/surface fabric), and one inner dress (referred to […]

Book Review – Polka Drops

polkadrops 1

So glad it’s Friday at last. Do you look forward to book reviews on Fridays? Today’s title is シンプル&デサイン おんなの子服 おとこの子服。Directly translated it’s Simple & Design Girls and Boys clothes. I am guessing the “&” is redundant here. Simple Design clothes for Girls and Boys? This book is for sizes 90-130cm and there are 25 patterns in […]

Translation Request – Daily Sewing Book


I received a translation request for a couple of patterns from this book – Daily Sewing Book The first pattern I translated was G.02 which is a slip dress with tucks and gathers in the front, and gathers at the back. Note that when they mentioned border cloth, it’s actually similar to bias tape. The […]

Japanese Fabric – Kayo Horaguchi


Kayo Horaguchi (ホラグチ カヨ) is Japanese illustrator from Tokyo whose works involve bright colorful graphic motifs of girls, plants and animals. His works have appeared on fabrics, books, magazines, fashion apparel, accessories, stationery etc. You can read more about him (in English) here. Or  browse through his current gallery here.

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Sew.Co World by Brother


Today’s free pattern comes from Sew.Co World, which is a website by Brother, and Sew Co. World is a site set up for Brother users to share their sewing projects. There are also some free patterns available for download on the website. Here are some of the projects you can make using the free patterns. […]

Book Review – Making small goods with excess fabric

scrapfabric 1

What do you do with the excess fabric leftover from your sewing projects? I keep my small pieces usually for doing test runs before actual sewing or serging, and at other times I make dresses for my kids’ dolls. But I always seem to be accumulating bags and bags of scrap fabrics. Faster than I […]