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Japanese Fabrics – Yuwa Floral Fabrics

yuwafloral (2)

Here is the post on Yuwa floral fabrics as promised! YUWA【有輪商店】is a fabric manufacturer from Japan and I love their floral fabrics especially the linen range. Everytime I get the chance to go fabric shopping in Japan, I will spend a lot of time standing in front of the display trying to decide which one […]

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Patternshop Snowwing


Another busy week, and it’s only Monday! This week is exams week and so there is very little time for surfing and posting in the day. But finally the girls are off to bed and even though all I want to do is to kick back and watch Running Man ;P but duty calls, and […]

Japanese Sewing Magazine Review – Female Autumn 2012


It’s never a good idea to walk into a bookshop when feeling depressed.  I wasn’t intending to buy this because I was supposedly on a book ban and anyway I flipped through it once before and thought there was nothing much I wanted to make from it. Somehow the second time I flipped through it […]

Japanese Fabric – Cotorienne


I was actually in the middle of writing a post on a YUWA floral fabric that I made my wallet out of, when I got distracted (while browsing the online shops) by another fabric also made by YUWA. Moon Rabbits

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern –


Sorry for the late post. Today’s free pattern is from るんるんソーイング (Run Run sewing) and it contains free patterns for babies, kids, adults, accessories, bags and even zakka! The homepage contains the list of projects and even though there are very few pictures on the homepage, you can use a browser translation tool to view […]

Book Review – Simple Chic

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Here’s a book title that requires no translation. Simple Chic. It’s not a very new book, but I’ve been buying mostly books for girls, so it’s only lately that I started sewing for myself and started buying more adult pattern books. Today was one of those days. Days when you just don’t feel like doing […]

Japanese Fabric – Muddy Works by Tomotake


Today’s fabric post is not about a fabric that I have, but rather, somthing that caught my eye recently and I wish I can get hold of it! The fabric line is called Muddy Works and it’s from the brand Tomotake. Behind Tomotake is a husband and wife team - Masahiro & Hiroko Tomotake. Both of […]

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Atelierhukutsukuro


Today’s free pattern link may prove to be immensely useful to some, but not of much use to others. Why do I say that? Well, I have been looking for free patterns on Men’s shirts but I’ve never come across one that is so professionally done (and free!). Most of the rest are for simple […]

Book Review – Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson Book


I received this book together with the More! Handmade Wallets a couple of weeks ago, and I could not wait to share! This is a very new book also published by Nihon Vogue. I check their site out too often and I keep seeing new books that I want! The book title is 子供服ソーイング LESSON […]

Japanese Fabrics – Hello Kitty

hellokitty (1)

This week’s Japanese Fabric post is all about Hello Kitty fabrics! I’m not one of those die-hard Hello Kitty fans where everything I own must have a HK on it, but I must admit I have a really soft spot for it, and I find it really hard to resist buying the fabrics even though […]