Free Patterns from K’Handmade

It’s Monday and time for some free Japanese sewing patterns. The free patterns for this week are from a blog called K’Handmade. The owner of the blog has a shop called K’Handmade where she sells some of her handmade items. She sells mainly bags and small goods, but check out her free patterns page for more projects and ideas!

The direct link to the free patterns is here. There are quite a number of free patterns. More than 20 if I counted correctly. And they are very useful daily items like key case, camera pouch, water bottle case, bags, totes, wallets etc. The coincase (middle picture on left column) is a very interesting foldable square wallet. And the camera pouch is so cute!  I love polka dots, maybe that’s why I like her work so much :)

Some of the patterns come with step by step pictures. Like the example above. But not all, you have to click around and explore.

The pattern download links are easily found under the photo thumbnail on the main free patterns page. Just click on the words that say [型紙DL]. As mentioned above, not all the patterns come with step by step instructions. In fact, some of them only contain the pattern and instructions in Japanese. For those of you who are more experienced, it may not be difficult to figure out. After all, sometimes all we need is the pattern. For those of you who are baffled and need help with the translations, you know who to look for! :P

Now I need to get back to my sewing. A long list to be completed over the next two weeks. Happy sewing!


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3 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for sharing this and those great sites that you have been sharing all these while. :D

  2. Judy Ho says:

    Is Juki brand sewing machine good ?

    • Japanese Sewing Books says:

      Hi Judy, I have no idea because they don’t sell the juki domestic machines here in Singapore. Very strangely so because they are the top industrial brand here. It’s easy to buy Juki industrial machines but not domestic :) But I do have their serger and it’s good! Reliable and solid over thick layers.

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