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Japanese Sewing Books First Birthday Giveway – and the winner is…

mysterybox 1

I’m sorry to have taken so long to compute the results. But post-holiday laundry + unpacking + cleanup is a major task. I’m sure many of you will understand that. So who won the Japanese Sewing Books first birthday giveaway? Click to read more and find out!

Fabric Shopping in Sapporo

My third trip to Sapporo and I think I should write about my favourite fabric shop in Sapporo. The shop is called カナリヤKanariya. They have shops selling fabrics as well as ready made clothes. There are quite a number of branches but today I will be talking about their main store that is near Odori […]

The Japanese Sewing Books Birthday Giveaway

One year ago on this day,  I posted the very first post on Over the past year I’ve made a few changes to the original blog template, added new blog features, and a few great giveaways! But I’m glad to say that I’ve stuck to my original intentions, of sharing the beauty of Japanese […]

Free patterns, how-to-make and my first video tutorial

fleecejacket 1

Finally as promised, the fleece jacket with free patterns, step by step photos and a sewing video! Unlike the previous few sew-alongs, I didn’t announce this before hand, because I just wanted to post it here for anyone and everyone to read and sew whenever they feel like it. It really doesn’t matter when you […]

Book Review – Skirt ala carte

skirtalacarte 1

We’re approaching the end of the year and it’s almost time to make new year’s resolutions! I would like to sew more for myself next year, with books like these that I’ve hoarded for years but never used. Today’s book review is all about skirts! Skirt a la carte by machiko kayaki. It’s not a […]

Japanese Fabrics – Ecrulat Lycéenne

Two weeks ago, while looking for cozy fleece prints, I came across this brand called Ecrulat Lyceénne. Curious to find out more, I googled it and discovered that the designer was none other than Mico Ogura, who is also the designer of Puti de Pome (official blog here - that other line needs blogging about too! […]

Free Patterns – Making small goods out of an old kimono


Today’s free pattern find is not from a free pattern or sewing website. It is actually some kind of magazine website where they introduce interesting products (and also the link to the online shop where you can buy them). The website is called 毎日が発見 (Daily Discovery). The free patterns are excerpts from books sold on their […]