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March 22, 2013

Another long post to write. I’ve been at it since this afternoon and still not done yet. Why? I kept getting distracted and ended up fabric shopping instead!

Anyway, we’ve been looking at mostly ダブルガーゼ double gauze fabrics from nani IRO so far. But do you know about the other types of fabrics available in the same gorgeous prints? Unfortunately, not all the designs and colors come in the same fabric variations. Some of the designs have only one or two colors produced in a different fabric type.

綿麻キャンバス – cotton linen canvas
Before you think that Canvas is only for bags and accessories, look at this gorgeous skirt made by Karyn from the blog Make Something. Makes me want to make one myself! And so I searched the net for the same fabric. Can’t find any in stock! Not even on Rakuten. So sad 🙁 There’s a little bit of the blue one left in Miss Matatabi’s store if you fancy any.


コンパス –
This was a difficult one to translate. The direct translation of the word is “compass” but I simply can’t find an english equivalent to this. It is a 100% cotton fabric and as you can see from the close up, the weave is pretty loose. If I search in Japanese, the fabric descriptions point to a light weight fabric used for handkerchiefs and bandannas.

接結ニット – Double knit
I’ve had a chance to see the fabric in the picture on top in Japan, and now I regret not buying any. The problem is, the width of the knits are all 80cm, which made it difficult to estimate yardage when I had no project in mind. So beautiful.  There are some available here.

ビエラ起毛 – brushed cotton flannel.
Frances made herself a dress with this fabric and it looks amazing!

わたガーゼ – Cotton gauze. Only available in certain designs and colors. For example the woodblock pocho print on the top, only 2 colors out of 5 in the same print is in gauze. The rest are double gauze. Gauze is simply a thin cotton fabric with very loose weave.

綿麻モーリー Cotton Linen blend. Another puzzling one. I get the first part of the fabric name – 綿=Cotton 麻=Linen but the second part モーリ is “mo-ri” and Google translate tells me is Morley, which sounds more like someone’s name? There is no english fabric name that sounds like Morley though. But the fabric is basically a 55% Linen + 45% Cotton blend so I’ll just call it that.

ダブルガーゼキルト – Double gauze quilt.
This is really just double gauze pre-sewn into a quilt for you. Very nice on bags and blankets.  I guess you could make this yourself with the same double gauze fabrics, but so much more convenient to have it done for you.

Other than those above, I remember seeing some laminated nani IRO fabric as well. But I just couldn’t track them down either on the main nani IRO site nor the other Rakuten sites. Oh well, one less thing to worry about (not having it in my stash ;P)

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  • Reply Vania March 23, 2013 at 1:49 am

    Wow! Thank you for the nani iro month! My local fabric store is importing some, and it is coming in two weeks or so! I have been saving up to buy lots! So in love!!!

  • Reply Ashley March 23, 2013 at 6:51 am

    Wow, the more you are posting about nani pro fabric, the more I am loving it! This info is great!

    • Reply Ashley March 23, 2013 at 6:52 am

      Oops, nani ‘iro’. lol

  • Reply connie April 14, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    Thanks for the different fabric run-downs. For the brushed cotton fleece (4th set of photos), what is the fabric like? I’m thinking of getting some for the balloon dress you did a sew-along for, but am afraid it might be too heavy for that particular design.

    I think your blog is my new favorite site. I’m learning so much, thank you!

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