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I will be sewing some back to school items this month, even though school has already started for a month ;P I just didn’t have time to do so in December, but I guess it’s better late than never?

So since I will be sewing anyway, I thought I might as well use one of the projects as my sew-along for the month. I couldn’t decide which one so please vote in the poll below to help me decide!

Option 1 : Simple bill fold wallet with 1 ID slot, I card slot and 1 coin compartment. This is a small wallet, with only a few compartments because that is all a primary school student needs.  For more pictures, click here


Option 2 : Lesson bag – I will be using the Nyan cat fabric to make this shaped tote. You can follow along even if you don’t have the fabric, as the steps are pretty similar to a standard lesson bag tote.

FEBsewalong (1)

Option 3 : Drawstring bag for ballet shoes.


Tell me what you want to see in the next Sew-Along. Go ahead and vote now! :)

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2 Responses

  1. sewbecause says:

    That tiny wallet is so adorable! I wish that I had a little one to make it for.

  2. Eunice says:

    I have just bought the same fabric from Japan last Dec! It was really a quick sew and real pretty. I regretted only got 1 panel : (
    But I am really interested in the wallet and voted for it : ) Hope to see your tote bag soon.

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