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Translation Request for Julia

May 8, 2014

I’ve been really behind on my translation requests, so I will try to clear my backlog  by posting one translation a week over the next few weeks.

Julia sent me this request to translate two free patterns from Otsukaya. The two patterns are actually very similar in structure, except that one requires a zip and the other doesn’t. So I have only translated one of them (the one with the zip below).

Due to copyright issues, I can’t post the detailed pattern on my site, so please visit their website for the full list of free patterns.  The link to the exact pattern I have translated is listed below as well.


All-over lace fabric 110cm wide 2.3m
Interfacing 90cm wide x 0.3m
Zip – 1pc of 20cm

Cutting layout pieces
(from top left)
Front and back bodice x 1pc each
Shoulder straps x 2pcs
Chest fabric x 4pcs
Frill (2pc)

To derive dimensions for cutting layout
Circle symbol – Bust measurement / 2
Triangle symbol – Circle symbol x (1.6~1.7)
Frill length – Triangle symbol x (1.3~1.4)
Frill – side panels

1. Attach interfacing to shoulder strap and chest fabric pieces.
2. Construct chest fabric pieces and shoulder straps.
Chest fabric pieces – sew the right side seam of the inner and outer chest fabric pieces.
3. Sew the right side of the bodice from the top edge to the hem. For the left side, sew from the hem to the opening. Using long stitches, gather the top edge to the dimension of the chest fabric piece. Open up the side seams.
4. Sew the outer chest fabric to the bodice, with right sides together.
5. Attach the zip to the left side of the bodice.
6. Pin the shoulder strap pieces to the marked position, Align the inner chest fabric piece over the shoulder straps and sew down together.
7. Turn out to the right side, and top stitch from the right side (refer to diagram for seam allowance)
8. Sew the hem (stitch 2cm from bottom edge)
9. Make and attach frills to the bodice.
– serge top and bottom edge of frill, sew side seams, sew a long stitch around the top edge (2.5cm from top)
– gather the frill piece to match the bodice width.
– Sew frill piece onto the bodice, refer to diagram for position.


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  • Reply Janet Baker May 8, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Hello! Just wanted to say I asked my daughter-in-law to help me with the translation request I sent, which she did. Also, when I picked the piece back up, I held it a different way, and suddenly what was wanted made sense, and then the drawing made sense, so I didn’t need the words (altho the hints might have been helpful and I swear at one point the pattern messes up right side and wrong side–I used a magnifying glass and found the characters for these words in the lists in another part of your wonderful blog).

    In short, I am now wearing the dress! Which I love! So you may cancel out one of the translation jobs, but have my thanks for your generous offer!!

    Janet in Chicago

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