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New Releases – June 2015

June 19, 2015

I don’t have much time to sew nowadays, but I still can shop can’t I? 🙂 Here are some of the new releases spotted online… allseasonsmens

Men’s clothes for all seasons for sizes S,M,L,LL,3L
Another Men’s pattern book at last, unfortunately there are no previews yet. The title sounds promising though.



Basic Kids Clothes Pants and Dresses. 5 Classic patterns for sizes 100-160cm
I’m glad there is another choice for patterns past the size of 130cm. This book looks like a basic pattern book with ideas on how to make variations.



Cotton friend Kids Summer 2015
The Summer edition of Cotton Friend Kids, for sizes 100-150cm



Easy Handmade Clothes for Kids
Cute Summer Dresses, 1-day sewing projects, Making items with 50cm/1m pieces of fabric… and more!



Handmade Girls Clothes for 130-150cm
Another book by the publishers of Cotton Friend (Boutique-sha) for sizes 130-150cm, but I spy a familiar pattern on the cover, which was previously featured on Cotton Friend. This may be a compilation of previous patterns that were published separately in different editions, but for this specific age group only.



Kids clothes made with 1m fabric
In my early days of buying fabric, I used to buy and hoard fabric without knowing what I was going to do with it, so I have a lot of 1m fabrics lying around. This book will show you how to make clothes using just 1m of fabric. The only limitation is that there are only two sizes featured. 100 and 110cm.



Handmade Costumes for Kids
If you need to make a costume for that special event, be it a recital or halloween, this book has got it all! The only strange thing is, on the cover it states that only the pattern for 110cm is included. An excerpt from the how-to-make section indicates only 1 set of materials measurements as well. From the preface, it looks like it is meant to be more of a guide on making costumes rather than a pattern book. But the costumes do look pretty awesome.



Cute Everyday Clothes for Ladies
Straight line patterns sewing book. No tracing of patterns required!



The Clutches
I love the dramatic title of this book! lol…  but these are some really pretty clutches.



Hand sewing book for Babies Clothes and Stuff

The last book is a hand sewing book, with patterns from newborn to 18 months old babies.

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  • Reply Jen June 19, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    Wow, thanks for the update! I’m particularly interested in the men’s book – the jacket on the cover looks really interesting. I hope that some previews show upon on Amazon. The Clutches looks good too!

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