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Translation Request – Reversible Bag

July 10, 2017

Today’s translation request is for Sisca, who is trying to make a reversible bag with a very interesting design. At first glance I was confused too, with all the pieces of fabrics, lining and interfacing. And then I realized the key to sewing this is in the markings (circled in red). You have to match the corresponding marks as shown in the diagrams.


click on the image to view the larger image

Part of the confusion is also due to the fact that the markings were named A,B,C,D as well as a bunch of hiragana symbols あ、い、う、え and katakana too! イ、ロ、ハ、ニ。 The fabrics are named A,B and lining C, so sometimes it was hard to tell what the letters were referring to.

Anyway, mystery solved, and I hope this helps you Sisca. Happy sewing!


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