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New Releases – January 2018

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

After the long year end break, everyone must be dragging their feet to work and school. I felt the same way myself, after waking up way too early today to get the kids ready for school. So I think a little shopping is in order. I will get the New Year going by listing some of the new releases for the past few months, and a couple of books that will be released soon in Jan and Feb.

Disclaimer : There are some affiliate links included in the post below, especially those linked to cdJapan. There is no difference to the price you pay but I will get a small commission on the sale which helps me buy more books for reviewing purposes.

If it is not available on cdJapan I will also link it to either the publisher or Amazon.co.jp where you can find more information/read reviews about the book. Amazon.co.jp also lists books quite early which allows you to pre-order them before the official release dates as well.

Happy shopping!


Hand sewing book for Cute baby items. Easy for beginner Mummies.
ISBN : 978-4259565664
Note : this is a hand sewing book which means you do not need to use a machine. This probably means the focus will be on hand sewing techniques. But you can definitely use the patterns with a sewing machine as well.
release date February 2017 (available for pre-order on Amazon.co.jp)



The Silhouette Permanent Dress  by Kei Suzuki
ISBN No. : 978-4579116188
I am putting this book in my cart as I speak because this picture has already sold the book to me. From the excerpts, the book revolves around three main type of patterns, A, I and X and with these 3 pieces you can make a dress you can use forever/for eternity… I don’t know how it got translated to permanent but I think you get the idea.



Check&Stripe Special Sewing Book
ISBN : 978-4391640502

Check & Stripe books are always tempting to me, because of the clean visuals and photography. It makes everything look good! I cant remember how many Check & Stripe books I have in my collection already but unfortunately this one doesn’t seem so well reviewed on Amazon. You can try to view the translated reviews here. There are not only clothes but also handmade daily goods(zakka) items that you can make.divider



Dresses without Zips
ISBN : 978-4834745276
(literally dresses that do not need attachment of zips)
This is part of the Lady Boutique series of books, for sizes S,M,L




Handmade Zakka Living
ISBN : 9784259565619
By the author of Fu-ko basics series of books, this is a book dedicated to zakka, or handmade daily items.  This is another hand-sewing book which means there are patterns and instructions on hand sewing. I’ve always loved her style and was really tempted to buy this but it’s on backorder…. Maybe next cart then. ;P



Cotton Time 2018

Cotton Time welcomes the new year with a new calendar as usual. The Calendar contains 12 projects, one feature for each month. This will be perfect for the sewing room.



Lady Boutique Jan 2018 
145 items to make including New Year accessories.



Marugoto Pouch Book
ISBN : 9784529057721
I don’t really know what Marugoto means. The online dictionary says it means “its entirety; whole; wholly” So does it mean the whole book is all about pouches? Whatever it is, there are 54 pouches to be made from this book. Go have fun, pouch making addicts 😛



Sugure mono bag
(Excellent Bag)
ISBN : 978-4529057714
43 items to make.
This book is not released yet (20th Jan 2018) but you can preorder here – link to Amazon.co.jp


The last few books were so similar I had a hard time telling them apart. These are the back to school sewing books. The titles are also pretty similar, so I’ll just refer to them by their numbers 😛


Lady Boutique Series 4544
ISBN : 978-4834745443



Lady Boutique Series No. 4537
ISBN : 978-4834745375



Easy and Cute School Goods
ISBN : 978-4529057608

That’s it for this month! I will try to blog about new releases every first week of the month. Unless there are very very few books, especially nearer the end of the year when most of the books are knitting or crochet books. But I really want to have a more regular schedule because it helps me keep track of when I should blog about what.

Hope you found some good books to buy this month!

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  • Reply Ciara January 3, 2018 at 12:09 am

    Do you have any thoughts on how “Lady Boutique” stacks up compared to “Mrs. Stylebook”? There were quite a few items in the high summer 2017 of “Mr’s Stylebook” that appealed to me, but the autumn issue was kind of a dud.

    & OMG, that floral panelled dress from the Permanent Dress book. GORGEOUS. I am very intrigued!

    • Reply Japanese Sewing Books January 9, 2018 at 8:00 am

      Honestly, I have never been inclined towards Lady Boutique, maybe it was because I grew up seeing my Mum sew from it ;P I have purchased a few Mrs Stylebooks instead but I’ve never actually sewn from one! I do like the styles in the latter better though.

  • Reply JenL January 3, 2018 at 4:20 am

    I am told that “marugoto” means “everything” but here it implies something like “pouches you can use for any or all purpose.”

    Lots of good projects in those books. I wish CDN would show the insides though!

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