Choose your Bolt Giveaway – nani IRO 2018

March 2, 2018


ONE WHOLE BOLT. I know right? I have never heard of such a thing until Nekonekofabric suggested this crazy idea to me. I can’t say no right? I have to think of all you guys…. So thanks to the generosity of Nekonekofabric, here’s the best every nani IRO fabric giveaway for you!

I immediately thought of the fabric I wanted to giveaway. Of all the new 2018 nani IRO designs, the Ripple range was my favourite. Ok for those of you who have been seeing this in other names. I am also not entirely sure what the correct name is, because on the official website, it is both referred to as Pippre and Rippre, but in the description of the design it says “Ripple”. The Japanese text that accompanies it also refers to the inspiration from さざなみ which shows up as kanji 漣/細波 which translates to ripples/wavelets.

I then checked the book – Atelier to nani IRO’s Sewing closet, and found it referred to as Ripple. which does make a lot more sense doesn’t it? In any case, it is the most interesting abstract piece in this year’s collection and it comes in 4 equally amazing colorways. But the problem with that is, I can’t decide which one to giveaway! Note that they are different substrates too. The first two are thin linens, and the last two are double gauzes.

rippleAA (thin linen)


B (thin linen)


C (double gauze)


D (double gauze)

images © ATELIER to nani IRO by KOKKA & Naomi Ito

Here’s what you need to do. Hop on over to my IG post, or my Facebook page and just vote for your favourite color. This is NOT THE GIVEAWAY yet. But your vote is important because you get to help to decide the colorway for the giveaway!

This poll will run for the next 3 days and will end Sunday 10pm (SG time –  UTC+8). I will announce the final choice of color as well as the giveaway details on Monday morning (SG time – UTC+8)

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