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January 7, 2020

Happy New Year!

As some of you might have realized (as I did myself), I have not posted in months… Just too many things to take care of on the home front last year beginning from a house renovation project, followed by exams and then the school holidays. This year is particularly challenging for me even though all 3 kids will be in school, we have a new schedule to follow, new places to go to and so far after testing it out for 3 days it’s not looking good for sewing! Those of you who follow me on IG will see me post on and off about sewing projects but I’m not sure if I will even have time to sew anything for CNY this year 😭

I do have a bunch of books that I have yet to review so I think the fastest way I can share with you will be to take book flip through videos. Slight change of style going forward, I will be posting videos followed by book info – like number of projects, size range, author/publisher and purchasing info (affiliate link). I hope this will be enough for you in the meantime while I try to sort things out and find more time for sewing!

Today’s flip through video is by Machiko Kayaki, author of Simple Chic. This book is all about couture techniques. Proper sewing and finishing methods for that extra couture touch. Great for perfectionists! I picked this book up in Sapporo while on holiday last month, it’s a pretty new book so I hope you will like it! More book details after the video.

Author : Machiko Kayaki
Publisher : Bunka Publishing

Lesson 1 – Cache-cœur dress

Lesson 2 – Dress with collar

Lesson 3 – Polyester Taffeta Dress

Lesson 4 – Small floral print Dress

Lesson 5 – Dress with Comfortable sleeves

Lesson 6 – Polka Dot Rayon Dress

Lesson 7 – Cocoon Silhouette Dress

Lesson 8 – Cardigan Jacket

Lesson 9 – Peter pan collar Shirt Dress

Lesson 10 – Little Black Dress

Sizes : 7,9,11,13,15  (5 sizes in all)

Ho Mukuchurupurosesubukku Hajimetede Mo Shippai Shinai Fuku Zukuri Ninki No 10 Chaku No Kuwashi Tsukurikata No Shashin Kaisetsu to 7 15 Go No 5 Size Tenkai No Jitsubutsu Daipattern Tsuki / Kaya Ki Machiko / Cho

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