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Simple wallet sewing video tutorial with free pattern – Sew-along Day #2

Welcome to Day#2 of our sewing video tutorial. Do you have all your materials ready? Let’s start! To begin with, please refer to the layout diagram below, for the positioning of the different parts of the wallet. You will need to mark the position of the velcro strips on the outer and inner fabrics. Note […]

Simple wallet sewing video tutorial with free pattern – Sew-along Day #1


This month’s sew-along, or rather, sewing tutorial, is a simple wallet that I made for my girl to carry to school. As she is only in primary school, she only needs to carry some loose change, a couple of bills occasionally, as well as a single student ID card.  So this is a very simple, […]

Free Pattern, Tutorial and Sewing Video – Cross back apron for adult and kids


The final post fo Back to School sewing month, as promised, will be a free sewing tutorial + patterns + video. The project I have chosen is a cross back apron!

Back to School Sewing Notions


Today’s post is not about fabrics, but the super cute notions you can use to jazz up your back to school projects. As you know, there must be hundreds of tapes, name labels, fabrics with popular characters from Disney, Sanrio, San-x etc. So today I will not talk about those but show you some of […]

Japanese Fabrics – Printed Cotton Linen


There is a Rakuten fabric shop  called Stylistgoto that I follow on Facebook, and every so often it just tempts me with the new goodies they have in store. And right now it seems to be back to school sewing season in Japan because they keep posting these gorgeous cotton linen fabric perfect for making […]

Book Review – Back to School Pochee Special

backtoschoolpochee 26

First book review for 2013 and a it’s a book on back to school sewing of course The title of today’s book is まいにちルンルン通園通学 BOOK. There are 63 projects included in this book. The book is a Pochée Special from the Heart Warming Life Series.

Japanese Fabrics – Character Fabrics


What makes a handmade back-to-school accessory even more special? The fabric of course! I have a weakness for Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters in general, but they are pretty common and in a way not so “special”. So today instead of talking about the popular characters, I will feature some famous characters from all over the […]

New Year, New Schedule


This is my first post of 2013. I’m sorry it has taken so long. This year we took our holidays one week later than usual. When we got back, there was only 1 week to finish preparing everything for the new school year, not to mention having to do it in between meeting up with […]