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Winner of 2nd Birthday Giveaway!

December 15, 2013

It’s snowing today in Sapporo and I dread to get out of my cosy bed. But I know you must be waiting for the announcement!

Before I do that I just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful suggestions and for taking part in the contest. There were 110 participants in all. I hear lots of suggestions on sew-alongs as well as to feature other books and some magazines that I have yet to cover. I will try my best to do that next year!

And finally, the winners are….

Winner of Book :

Un Blog magnifico que he descubierto no hace mucho y el cual sigo. Te sigo desde Catalunya, un poquito lejos. Mi eleccion de regalo es: Libro de Mujeres/ Telas de Kayo Horaguchi.

(A magnificent blog I discovered not long ago and which still. I’m still from Catalunya, a little far. My choice of gift is: Book of Women / Kayo Horaguchi fabrics. – translated by Google Translate)


and Winner of Fabric :


Two years old! Congratulations! I have only been folowing you for about one, but love your tips & especially the fabric you have introduced me to. Would love to see more finished projects from the books! Book C, Fabric B


Once again, thank you all for participating, I hope you had fun and see you guys around soon! I’m going fabric shopping again today. Follow me on instagram if you want to have a look at where I shop!


Japanese Sewing Books is 2 yrs old – Book and Fabric GIVEAWAY!

December 9, 2013

Japanese Sewing is turning 2! Sometimes I can’t believe I lasted for so long.

I started this blog as a way to document my efforts in translating Japanese sewing book instructions, and at the same time pick up some Japanese along the way. Two years down and thanks to all your support, encouraging comments, emails and Likes, I have found many reasons to keep blogging (and buying more books!)

Those of you who have been following my blog since the early days may have seen some changes over the years. I started out simply reviewing books, then I added fabrics, free pattern links, and even had started drafting my own patterns. I even tried having themes for each month early this year, but as you can see I have scrapped the idea because sometimes I stumble upon a great new book and I just wanted to share it first but couldn’t do so as it was not “in line” with the month’s theme. So I’ve reverted to a more free and easy style, blogging about whatever comes my way and is interesting enough to share.

Some grand plans and ideas I have for the coming year. I would like to actually do a lot more sewing from the books that I already have. I will still be buying and reviewing books of course,  but I am feeling guilty for buying books faster than I am using them! 😛 So I do want to spend more time sewing next year and while I am doing that, I hope to share with you some pictures and videos of the process, and hopefully it will help those of you who have the same books+patterns.  Maybe you, my readers, can even suggest patterns or books that you want to see sew-alongs of. Translation requests will still be entertained of course, so keep your emails coming to

And now for the event you have been waiting for!

The Japanese Sewing Books 2nd Happy Birthday Giveaway!
Last year I gave away a set of fabric+pattern+notions that I bought in Japan. The good news is that I am heading up to Japan again this year so I will be shopping for the giveaway there!  I have also decided that this year there will be 2 winners!

1 winner will walk away with a book and the other winner will win 1 meter of Japanese designer fabric!

This is how it is going to work.

To enter the giveaway
Simply leave a comment below, leave a suggestion for what you would like to see on my blog next year, and state your choice of category for books / fabric. I will pick one random number for each winner, so do remember to state your preferred option for both categories as you never know if you might be walking away with a book or a beautiful piece of fabric.

Japanese Sewing Books (choose 1 option)
A. Women
B. Kids
C. Bags/small goods/zakka

Japanese Designer Fabrics (choose 1 option)
A. Nani Iro by Naomi Ito
B. Kayo Horaguchi
C. Echino by Etsuko Furuya

An example of how you should comment is like this

I would like to see more sew-alongs on the blog in the coming year. Choice of giveaway – Books A. Women  / Fabrics by B. Kayo Horaguchi.

Contest closes on 14th December, Saturday  00:00 GMT  Check your corresponding using the time convertor
(which is 14th December, Saturday 09:00 in Sapporo and 13th December, Friday 19:00 Eastern Standard Time EST)

I will announce the winner on the blog as well as on Facebook. However, I will only be sending out the prizes after I get back to Singapore (which will be just before Christmas)

Look out for some changes to the blog as well as a long awaited update to the Dictionary of Japanese sewing terms this coming Wednesday. I won’t be blogging much next week since I will be away, but I will only be posting updates on Instagram so do follow me on Instagram if you want to see what I’m up to in Japan 😛
That’s it! Good luck everyone! and Merry Christmas in advance!


Summer Magazine Giveaway – Cotton Friend

July 29, 2013

So, being terribly ambitious, I said I was going to release a new pattern today. But it was not meant to be. I’m still in the middle of drafting the different sizes and testing out patterns, I have not even started on the video/photo taking yet 🙁

So in the absence of a “real” blog post (so that I can devote more time to my patterns), here’s a Summer magazine giveaway! Cotton Friend Summer Edition 2013 Vol 47. I just reviewed this magazine recently, you can read the magazine review here.

To make it simple for everyone, including myself 🙂 All you have to do is to like my page on Facebook and leave a comment below. One comment per person and only comments left below will be considered as an entry, not facebook comments. Thank you!

The giveaway ends this Thurs 1 August 2013 at 9am, Singapore time, equivalent to:
London (United Kingdom – England) Thursday, 1 August 2013, 02:00:00 BST UTC+1 hour
New York (U.S.A. – New York) Wednesday, 31 July 2013, 21:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, 1 August 2013, 01:00:00
(for more time zone conversions

I will pick a winner and announce it on Thursday.

And the winner is! Amanda Lee Matthews! Congratulations Amanda! I will be emailing you soon to get your mailing address.
To the rest of you who didn’t win, thank you all for participating and your new Likes 🙂

Have a great weekend!


Winner of Handmade Buttons Giveaway

June 16, 2013

A big thank you to those of you who have taken part in the Handmade Buttons Giveaway and liked our Facebook pages.

Now to announce the winners. They are Sadie, Raphaele and Anne! Congratulations!

I will be emailing you shortly to make arrangements for you to receive your choice of buttons.

I would also like to thank our very generous sponsor, Sarah of Fulton & Co. Do remember to check out her Etsy store when you need buttons for your sewing and craft projects!



Handmade Buttons Giveaway from FULTON & CO.

June 9, 2013
My new “now in English” Japanese sewing books have started me thinking about more selfish sewing (for myself ). One of my want-to-dos is this coat despite the fact that I will probably not have a chance to wear it much in this weather. This coat is from the other “now in English” book – Stylish Dress Book that I will be reviewing tomorrow.  The coat requires two large 3cm decorative buttons.

The buttons on the coat are large that they naturally draw attention to them. So it’s important that I choose something really unique and one-of-a-kind. And boy am I glad my latest sponsor is a handmade button maker. Check these gorgeous handmade buttons from Fulton and Co. They are all handmade, so no two are alike. I think it will be the perfect addition for this coat!

Here are some of my favourites (all images from FULTON & CO.’s Etsy store)
Top image – Large turquoise buttons | Bottom left – Red nautical theme buttons  |
Bottom top right – Gloss black and white alphabet buttons | Bottom right – Matte white starfish buttons

About Fulton & Co

Sarah Fulton is a self-taught artist and a professionally trained Music Therapist. Her true passion is Music Therapy research which she has been conducting in Kenya, Africa since 2004. She lived there for a few years and has traveled back and forth several times to conduct field studies. Her main reason for creating her button company is so she can continue to self-fund her research in Africa.

In January of this year, Sarah started FULTON & CO. because she loves things that are practical and useful, and because she could not find the kind of buttons she was looking for, anywhere. Namely, buttons that simple, handmade, with interesting patterns and colors, and in a variety of sizes. Because the majority of American button companies have gone out of business, Sarah is motivated to be a local source of a quality product. Her goal is that FULTON & CO. will be the go-to company for quality, artisan buttons. Buttons that will be kept and collected over the years, used, re-used and passed down through time. The ceramic buttons are created in small batches, each one going through an 8 step process, using a low fire, porcelain-like clay that gets bisque and glaze fired in the kiln before they are finished. FULTON & CO. buttons are strong and durable and will, without a doubt, add a touch of character and charm to anything they adorn!
And guess what? Now 3 of you can get the chance to pick out buttons from her store because she is sponsoring a giveaway specially for readers!  Yes, you heard me right. Not 1, not 2, but 3 winners, who can each choose any product from FULTON & CO.’s Etsy store up to a value of USD20. That’s USD20 worth of buttons per winner!

Giveaway Conditions

This giveaway is open to everyone, regardless of where you are from. Here is what you have to do.
  1. Like Fulton & Co’s facebook page.
  2. Like my facebook page 🙂 Japanese Sewing Books
  3. Go check out FULTON & CO.’s Etsy store and choose your favourite set of buttons.
  4. Leave a comment below telling us which is your favourite set. It may be hard to choose one, so list them down if you have more than one you like, but one comment per person for one entry please!
Giveaway ends on Saturday 15 June 09, 09:00 hrs Singapore time. That’s the same as 0100 hrs on Saturday 16th June UTC, or 2100 hrs on Friday 15th June EDT.
To find out what is the equivalent time for where you are, you can go to where there is a handy tool for converting time zones.
Results will be announced on Sunday 16th June.
That’s all and Good luck!