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New Releases

New Releases – April 2017

April 22, 2017

Here are more new releases for the month of April. As usual, all the information you need to search for the books are included below the images.


Title : ハンドメイドベビー服enannaの90~130センチサイズのこども服
Translated title : Handmade Baby Clothes enanna 90-130cm size Kids Clothes
Author :   朝井 牧子 (著)
ISBN : 978-4528021457
Buy Now from cdJapan (affiliate link)

I’ve bought previous enanna books before and although I liked the designs and patterns, I always found the range of sizes to be limiting. In fact, my girls outgrew the books even before I had a chance to use them. So the good news is that this new book includes 90cm-130cm sizes yay!



Title : イマドキ女の子のおしゃれな普段着 (Heart Warming Life Series)
Translated title : Ok I’m not sure if the Imadoki in the title (in Katakana) actually refers to the hiragana meaning, and is being used for emphasis, or does this Imadoki actually means something else. If it is used for the Japanese meaning, then it means These Days Girls’ Fashionable Everyday Clothes (like, literally)
Author :  PATTERNSHOP COZY 堀後雅美 (著)
ISBN : 978-4529056687
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Title : 女の子のとっておきスカート (レディブティックシリーズno.4373)
Translated Title : Lovely Skirts for Little Girls (Lady boutique series no. 4373)
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN : 978-4834743739
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Title : シルエットのきれいなワンピース (レディブティックシリーズno.4366)
Translated title : Dresses with Beautiful Silhouettes (Lady Boutique Series No. 4366)
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN : 978-4834743661
Buy Now from cdJapan (affiliate link)

Another book from the Lady Boutique series, I do like the simple cut of these dresses but I was wondering if the model is way too skinny for the dresses (like is she off the standard measurement size chart) or are the dresses meant to be slightly baggy?



Title : ファスナーつきのスカート&パンツ (レディブティックシリーズno.4360)
Translated Title : Skirts and Pants with Fasteners (Zippers)
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN : 978-4834743609
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24 styles of bottoms that use zipper closures, for sizes S,M,L and LL



Title : クライ・ムキの暮らしの大人服 – 絶妙パターンで着やせ効果も
Translated Title : Kurai Muki Living’s Ladies Wear – Magical patterns that have slimming effect!
Author : Kurai Muki
ISBN : 978-4074221264
Buy Now from cdJapan (affiliate link)

Kurai Muki is one of my favourite pattern designers because her instructions are always so clear and fool-proof. I refer to her books over and over again and I was almost going to add this to the cart without thinking until I saw one of the reviews on Amazon saying that the patterns were mostly similar and looked like her grandmother’s clothes. The other reviewer said that an addition of lace to the sleeve was considered a pattern variation. So yes I’m holding on till I see more of the book.



Title : わたしの好きな、ミニマルな10着 シルエットにこだわった10のパターンとアレンジ
Translated Title : My 10 favourite Minimalistic Clothes
Author : 平 真実
ISBN : 978-4579116119

From the preview pages, I must say that I like this book already! 10 patterns only as stated in the title, but I think there are quite a few projects I feel like making AND wearing just from the preview pages. Sometimes it’s better to get 10 good patterns than a book with lots of patterns but nothing to make?



Title : 大切に作って大切に着る大人服
Translated Title : Adult Clothing to Cherish carefully (so says Google Translate!)
Author : 小林 紫織
ISBN :978-4579116096

Ok so I’m not familiar with how this term is used, 大切に means carefully? So in the first part of the title it’s Carefully make and the second half it means to Carefully wear Adult Clothing. So I guess since you have carefully made the clothes you should wear them with great care :P. Anyway the important thing you need to know is that there are 5 sizes, S,M,ML,L and LL. I actually like this “new” size ML, which I have seen in some of the sewing books. It’s great for in betweens like me. 😛



Title : ずっと好きな服。 一つのパターンから、かんたんアレンジいろいろ
Translated Title : Clothes you will always love. One pattern, many easy arrangements (variations)
Author : Quoi?Quoi?(コアコア)
ISBN : 978-4579116133

A new sewing book by Quoi?Quoi?  Not many preview images yet as it is not officially released yet. I initially thought, based on the title, that there was only one pattern. Instead, from what I could see from the contents page, there are patterns for tops, dresses, pants and skirts. And for each pattern there are 3 variations.



Title : いつか着る服、いつも着る服
Author : Machiko Kayaki
ISBN : 978-4579116102
Buy Now from cdJapan (affiliate link)

Another new book by Machiko Kayaki (author of Skirt ala carte and Simple Chic and many more) This one is about dresses that you can wear for  both daily and formal occasions. I am particularly taken with the bottom right dress in blue, with the interesting bodice and skirt tucks as well as cap sleeve details.


and this month’s periodical


Japanese Sewing Books New Releases

More New Releases for March 2017

March 6, 2017

I was writing up another book review when I spotted some more new releases for March and somehow got carried away and started writing this new release post instead. There are so many temptations that will be released over the next couple of weeks! Here are just a couple more to add on to your shopping list. Some of these books are already in my cart!


The last FU-KO Basics book I reviewed was so lovely and the cover for this new book just made me want to order it immediately. The title reads  : Boys (also) Girls (also), clothes I’d like to make. And do check out the preview on the publisher Nihon-vogue’s website You will see shirts for little boys too! Sizes are from 100-150cm, plus 5 projects in size 80cm, and 3 adult sizes.

Title : 男の子にも女の子にも、作ってあげたい服
Author : 美濃羽まゆみ
ISBN : 978-4529056762

dividerkanastandardkids2 kanastandardkids2contentsThis is the second Kana’s standard book for Kids and it is for both girls and boys too. For sizes 100-140cm. From the contents preview above, it looks like I will be using this book lots. It won’t be released for a few more days so I have to wait!

Title :スタイリスト佐藤かなが作る男の子にも女の子にも着せたい服 KANA’S STANDARD for kids II
Author :佐藤 かな
ISBN : 9784579116003



Fans of Tomoe Shinohara can look forward to her second sewing book “The Dress 2” with her quirky, bright and colorful designs.

Title : ザ・ワンピース 2
Author : 篠原ともえ
ISBN : 978-4-579-11603-4



What do you do when you love the dress on the cover, but nothing else, well, at least nothing else in the preview pages. I don’t know, this will go under the KIV list but I was just looking for a blouse pattern that looked like the dress on the cover. This book is about dresses for all year around, by Akiko Mano, the designer of that famous balloon dress (check out my sew-along from way back then) from the book Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids

Title :  一年中ワンピース
Author : まのあきこ
ISBN : 978-4579116027



Another Ladies sewing book by Nihon Vogue. I haven’t found any previews of this book yet but I like that top on the cover with the cool detail on the waistband.
Title : 気のきいた いつもの服
Author : Atelier an one
ISBN : 9784529056663


weddingdressesAnd last on the list, is this very interesting Wedding and Color Dress book. I’ve never seen a wedding dress sewing book in Japanese before, or maybe I just wasn’t looking. There are no available previews yet, but from the description of the book on Bunka Publishing’s website, it seems that the instructions are based on the basic Bunka slopers. However on the cover page it says there are 5 basic styles in S, M, ML and L size. So I am not sure exactly how much of your own drafting you will have to do. Will have to wait for the book to be released and read the reviews to find out.

Title : カスタマイズできるウェディング&カラードレス
Authors :野中慶子 、 岡本あづさ 、 松尾一弘
ISBN : 978-4-579-11591-4

That’s all for now. I better get back to finishing my book review. Happy shopping!

New Releases

New Releases of Japanese Sewing Books and Magazines – January to March 2017

February 14, 2017

Hello everyone! I wasn down last week with a bad flu I think from too much sewing the last month ;P So I took a break. Hope you had fun with the giveaway! I have been reading the comments and I really thank you all for leaving such sweet comments and not just telling me what book you want, but actually saying how much you love the site.

I have been thinking about how to improve the content on my site and like I mentioned last year, I will be doing more sewing for boys this year. There are so many sites and patterns devoted to girls patterns so I like to work on something a little different. Also, I will be drafting a some basic patterns over the year that will be great for beginners and of course available for free download. I will try my best to create video tutorials with these free patterns. Last but not least, Japanese Sewing Book reviews will of course be part of the menu since this is after all, a website about Japanese Sewing Books!

And another important announcement. I will be accepting Translation Requests once again! Which means you will be able to send me your terms/patterns for translation. If you are new to my blog and have no idea how to submit your request, please read the following page.

To kick start off what I hope will become regular blogging schedule, here are some new releases from the first quarter of this year for your shopping pleasure. Some of the books will only be released in March so not many photos yet. I have roughly translated the titles and linked them to either cdJapan (affiliate links), amazon, or the publishers website where you can view more details of the book. Happy Shopping!


No pattern required, start with a rectangular piece of fabric.
Fold, Cut and Sew – Clothes you can make yourself
ISBN No. : 9784579115976



Clothes that are 20cm Below the Knee
14 Patterns 27 Variations from skirts to design pants. Plus bonus patterns for Pullovers and Under sarouel pants.



Kamakura Swany’s Everyday Enjoyable Fashionable Clothes 
Ladies sizes – S,M,L,LL
ISBN No. : 9784391639612



Attaching Fasteners/Zippers for First Timers – For Bag and Clothes
Bags, Pouches, Dresses, Parkas etc. 10 ways of attaching fasteners with detailed photographs
ISBN No. : 9784537214499divider


Pretty Silhouette – Mens’ Pants
S, M, L , XL, XXL
(intro from – Introduced from basic straight pants, short length, cargo pants, jog pants, overalls with detailed method of making. With size pattern of S, M, L, XL, XXL, S size is a unisex design that women can wear)
ISBN No.: 978-4579116010



Pants Pattern Magazine Vol. 3
Using 4 patterns, Create 52 different base patterns for an unlimited number of variations (length/volume etc)
ISBN No. : 9784579073474


School Goods by Handmade Authors
(the handmade authors here probably refers to popular craft/handmade bloggers/designers)
ISBN No : 978-4834743340



Things I want to make for my Kids
From school goods, to everyday use, bags and small items.
ISBN No.: 978-4-529-05649-6

dividerand the periodicals


Lady Boutique



Mrs Style Book Spring 2017


Cotton Time March 2017




Cotton Friend Spring 2017




Sutekini Handmade

New Releases

New Releases for Japanese Sewing Books ad Magazines October 2016

October 29, 2016

The annual slowdown for new Japanese sewing books releases has begun, as we see more crochet+knitting books hit the shelves instead of sewing books. Nevertheless, there will always be new books to buy. Many of them are released for the Autumn/Winter seasons, just in time for those of you who are lucky enough to enjoy 4 seasons. As usual, I will be including the titles, and ISBN/ASIN numbers to make it easy for you to search or request them from your local Japanese bookstore. You can also choose to buy them by clicking the links n my blog post. These are affiliate links to CDJapan, my usual source for Japanese sewing books! Happy shopping!

dressandcoordinates dressandcoordinates2

Dresses and Co-ordinates that make you look slim!
Title :  着やせする! ワンピース&コーディネートLesson

Author :泉 繭子
ISBN No. : 978-4579115853

I just ordered this from cdjapan. I see a pattern here. Everytime I write a new releases post I always end up checking out (literally!) some sewing books. I will post a review of this book if it’s good!



Lilla Blomma’s Ladies wear
Title : Lilla Blommaの大人服
Author : Lilla Blomma
ISBN No. : 978-4529056212



Cotton Friend Kids 2016-2017 Autumn Winter
Title : コットンフレンドキッズ! 2016-2017 Autumn-Winter
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN : 978-4834743036

Looks like lots of winter sewing in this one, I like the duffel coat that the boy is wearing!



Easy Handmade Kids Clothes
Title : ハンドメイドのかんたん子ども服2016-2017秋冬
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN :978-4834742923



 The second part of the title mentions low back? But it’s not all low back dresses. But in the preview of the contents it doesn’t look like all low back pieces, so I’m not sure what it means in the title. There are tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear garments in this book.

Ladies wear straight line sewing without patterns.
Title : まっすぐ縫って作れる、背が低めな人のための大人服
Author : by 小峯 有華, 船橋 愛加
ISBN : 978-4416616505



Handmade Clothes that make you look slim
Title : 手作りのやせ見え服
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN : 978-4834743029



Easy sewing for Ladies 2016-2017 Autumn/Winter
Title :  大人のかんたんソーイング 2016-2017秋冬
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN : 978-4834742909

dividergenuinemensstyleStandard/Original Men’s Clothes (S-3L)
Title : パタンナー金子俊雄の本格メンズ服
Author :金子俊雄
ISBN : 978-4529056397
(release date : 26 November 2016)

This book looks interesting, not many books released for Mens’ sewing as Ladies, but as it has not been released yet there are no previews of the book yet.


Some of the periodicals that will be published these few months.


Title : NHKすてきにハンドメイド 2016年 10 月号
Publisher : NHK publishing



Cotton Time November 2016 Issue
Title : COTTON TIME 2016年 11月号
Publisher : Shufu-to-sha

The last magazine reminds us that Christmas is coming soon! Busy times ahead for all of us. I will be working on a couple of free pattern releases in the coming weeks because I need to get the up on the blog before the mad sewing begins. I have holiday sewing, Chinese new year sewing, and back to school sewing all scheduled for the next two months. I may not be posting as many book reviews for now but do follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I post my 1 minute book flip-through videos.You will get to see my new book purchases there much faster since it takes a longer time to write up a proper review.

New Releases

New Releases – April to June – Part 3

June 16, 2016

It seems like everywhere I turn, I spot another new sewing book. This is really a glorious season for new sewing books, but not such a great time for my wallet… kekeke… I’m sorry to drag you all into shopping heaven but here is part 3 with more new sewing books to buy!


I’m not familiar with this designer, but as it is published by Bunka, the book should be pretty good. There are patterns for girls and boys, 90-130cm and I can’t help but check out more little boy patterns nowadays. My boy is still using 80cm patterns but I have to start hoarding on the 90cm books 🙂

I love clothes made by Mum!
Title :  ママが作った服が好き!
Author :岡本 暁子
ISBN No. : 978-4579115723

Buy now from



Instead of following the timetable of a periodical, the publishers of the now defunct Cucito magazine have opted to publish these Cotton Friend Kids! sewing books based on seasons. This is the latest edition for 2016 Summer.

Title : コットンフレンドキッズ! 2016 Summer
Publisher : Boutique-Sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834742152

Buy now from



Handmade Easy Kids Clothes 2016 Summer
Title :  ハンドメイドのかんたん子ども服2016夏
Publisher : Boutique-Sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834741988

Buy now from



CHECK & STRIPE Handmade Favorites
Title :  CHECK&STRIPE お気に入りをてづくりで
ISBN No. : 978-4418164165

Buy now from



Summer wear for Mature Ladies
Title :  今作って着たい おばあちゃまの夏服
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834742176

Buy now from



Easy Sewing for Ladies 2016 Summer
Title : 大人のかんたんソーイング 2016夏
Publisher : Boutique -Sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834741964

Buy now from



Handmade Purses and Pouches
Title : 手作りのがまぐち&ポーチ
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834742213

Buy now from



Cotton Friend Summer Edition 2016 Vol.59
Title : コットンフレンド2016年夏号(6月号vol.59) 
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ASIN No.: B01D5319R6



Title : Cotton Time July 2016 Edition
Publisher : Shufu to seikatsusha
ASIN No. : B01EVM43T6

Buy now from