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New Releases

New Releases – April – June Part 2

June 4, 2016

New server, new issues. I could not login to my admin account for the past week due to security settings. Oh well, hope that this is the end to the end of technical difficulties. Here’s part 2 of the releases over the past few months. Oh dear is it June already?

I usually receive some questions after each post regarding where to buy these books. You can either click on the links below where available (some affiliate links), or search using the ISBN No. I have also included the Japanese title for you to cut and paste if necessary (for example if you need to request for your local bookstore to bring it in).


Making Clothes that make you look lean!
Title : 「やせて見える服」を作ろう
Author : 泉 繭子 Mayuko Izumi
ISBN No. : 978-4471400934
Buy now from 



A new book by one of my favourite designers, Yoshiko Tsukiori, I think many of you are familiar with her name by now, as many of her books have been translated into English.
Title : 大人の女性に似合う服
Author : 月居 良子
ISBN No. : 978-4800247636
Buy now from



7 Basic dresses, simple pattern, beautiful styles

Title : 基本は7つのワンピース シンプルパターンのきれいスタイル
Author : 香田 あおい Aoi Koda
ISBN No. : 978-4579115709
Buy now from



Nice Ladies Wear? This was a challenging one, a direct translation would have been Good clothes for adults, I was attempting to make it sound nicer. A new book by Nakano Yukari of Couturier Sewing Class. Read my previous review of her last book. I actually made 3 pieces from her last book and have been wearing them regularly. Her patterns are easy to make, comfortable and easy to wear.

Title : 大人にいい服
Author : 中野ユカリ Nakano Yukari
ISBN No. : 978-4529055666
Buy now from



Dresses with Neat Silhouette
Title : きちんとシルエットのワンピース Lady’s Boutique Series NO. 4171
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834741711
Buy now from


The following books did not come with previews.


Sewing book of Viyella –
I am curious about this book.  Honestly I have not heard of Viyella prior to this, but according to Google it was founded in 1784 by Henry Hollins Sr. as a fabric mill in Pleasley, England. Unfortunately, this fabric brand is also under the Austin Reed group and its fate is uncertain now. This book includes patterns for ladies (S-LL) as well as kids (90,110,130)

Title : ヴァイエラのソーイング BOOK (Lady’s boutique series no.4197)
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834741971
Buy now from



Handmade Fashionable Clothes
Title : おしゃれ着を手作りで
Author : 海外 竜也 Tatsuya Kaigai
ISBN No. : 978-4834742169
Buy now from



Easy to make and ready to wear – Tunics and Dresses

 Title : チュニック&ワンピース – 作りやすくて すぐ着られる!
Author : Includes designs from 14 popular pattern designers.
Publisher : NHK Publishing
ISBN No. : 978-4141992295
Buy now from

New Releases

New Releases April to June – Part 1

May 24, 2016

2016 seems to be the year of IT challenges. Not long after I migrated my entire desktop to a new one, I found that my web server was acting up and for the past two weeks it was not letting my upload any images. Fortunately, my hosting company moved me to a faster and newer server, so here’s crossing my fingers it will work much better than before.

While we were dealing with technical difficulties, here are some of the (many!) sewing books that have been released over the past few months, or will be released soon. Enjoy browsing and happy shopping! Lots of new releases this season! I will be splitting this post up into a few parts and posting it over the next few days so that the post won’t be too long.


Pattern Label’s Kids Clothes Style Book
Author : Yuuki Katagai
ISBN No. : 978-4529055574

The Author of Sewing Lesson Book and Everyday Clothes for Girls, is back with another sewing book, and this time the size range has been extended to include 150cm which is great news for me, since my oldest has outgrown most of the 130cm books and there are only a few that cover 140cm sizes. This book will close the gap between the kids books and adult sewing books. And it helps that the styles are not kiddish or girly. There are patterns for both boys and girls, and I will definitely be adding this to my library so watch out for my review. If you can’t wait, you can always click here to purchase it now from cdjapan – Pattern Label’s Kids Clothes Style Book by Yuuki Katagai (Affiliate link)



Children’s clothes made with Overlocker by Pattern Shop Muni
Author : Shizu Fukunaga
ISBN No. : 978-4529055567

Another book for the kids, but this is a book dedicated to knits using an overlocker. According to the book cover, there are 36 projects for sizes 100-140cm and also 5 adult size patterns. There are also basic tips for sewing and using the overlocker. Detailed lessons with step by step photographs can also be found for 4 of the patterns. A quick glance at the contents pages shows up lots of useful wearable basics, and includes clothing for all seasons. For a preview of selected pages, please click here to visit Nihon-Vogue’s website.



Author of Simple chic, Machiko Kayaki, is back with another book called

Beautiful Looking Clothes きれいにみえる服
Author : Machiko Kayaki
ISBN No. 978-4579115686 .

For a preview of selected pages, please click here to visit Bunka Publishing Bureau’s website.
Click here to buy Beautiful Looking Clothes きれいにみえる服 (affiliate link)  now from


Dresses that I always want to wear  ずっと着たい私だけのワンピース
Author : Noriko Sasahara
ISBN No. : 978-4579115730

The author of Casual Sweet Clothes and Pocchari Girl’s Sewing Book is back with another beautiful sewing book. And I already spot a few dresses I want to make! There are 5 sizes available, 7,9,11,13,15. You can see some more of the preview pages on


apronsAprons and Apron-like Dresses
Author : Masao Waragai
ISBN No. : 978-4579115693

All the apron styles you can dream of, and more…
For a preview of selected pages, please click here to visit Bunka Publishing Bureau’s website.

Just a quick note before I end this post.

I have been getting quite a number of emails asking me if certain books are in stock or for sale, so I would like to explain how things work around here. for new visitors. I wish I could be a book seller 🙂 but unfortunately due to high shipping costs of both importing the books and shipping them out from Singapore, it doesn’t seem likely that I will be selling any Japanese sewing books anytime soon. So I always include some links that will direct you to either my affiliate website (cdjapan) if the books are in stock there, or, if they are not available on cdjapan, I will include the link to the publisher or, where you can get other information like the ISBN number. This number can help tremendously in online searches or requesting a book order from your local bookstore. For other online sources, you can check also this blog post that I wrote up previously as well – Where to buy Japanese Sewing Books. For those of you unfamiliar with affiliate links, it simply means that I get a small commission for each book sold if the customer was linked to the website through my links.  There is no difference in the price you pay for the book, but the points I earn for the books sold help me buy more new books to review so that you can have a preview before you purchase.

That’s it for today, I will post more new April – May new releases over the next few days. Look out for it!


New Releases

New Releases – Jan-Mar 2016

February 27, 2016

It’s been a while since I did a New Releases post, mainly because there are less sewing books published during the winter months and more crochet and knitting related books. The second reason is because I still have a number of books to review and I’m stopping myself from buying more. I’m not sure if I can hold off the book ban any longer because everytime I compile a New Releases post, I feel the need to buy something. Lots of images today because there are quite a number of books.

I get quite a number of emails asking me how to buy these books. If you look below each image, I will usually include the title, author/publisher, ISBN number and a link to view more details of the book. Some books have a “look inside” feature on, whereas some books released by bunka or nihon-vogue have online preview pages. I also include affiliate links wherever possible so that you can purchase it directly from cdjapan. There is no difference to the price you pay for the book but I will get a small commission from every sale and that goes to help upkeep the website. Without further ado, let’s shop!

Wear Big clothes, wear small clothes
by 濱田 明日香
ISBN No. : 978-4579115631




Fun Dress Book by the Sewing Machine and Hand

by 松井 翠
ISBN NO. : 978-4579115587
Browse sample pages from publisher’s website



Airy Ladies Clothes
by : 滝口 浩司
ISBN No. : 978-4579115532

Karoyakana Otona No Fuku / Takiguchi Koji / Cho

Buy now from CDJapan (affiliate link)

divider kanastandard2

by 佐藤 かな
ISBN NO. : 978-4579115600
Browse more pages on publisher’s website



by 佐藤 かな
ISBN NO. : 978-4579115556
Browse more pages on publisher’s website



From casual to dress up Mens Shirts

ISBN NO. : 978-4579115594
Browse more preview pages on publisher’s website


skirtpatternsMagazine Pattern School Vol. 2 – Skirts
誌上・パターン塾 Vol.2 スカート編
Published by 文化出版局編
ISBN No. : 978-4579073450

Shijo Pattern Juku 2-Skirt Hen / maruYamaha RumiBuy now from cdjapan (affiliate link)



Book about Fasteners (Zippers)
published by Nihon-vogue
ISBN No. : 978-4529055284
Browse more preview pages on publisher’s website

Fastener No Honfastener No Tsukekata Ga Batchri Wakaru! / VOGUE Japan
Buy now from cdjapan (affiliate link)



Adult Daily Wear
published by Boutique-sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834741476

Tsukutte Chaku Mawasu Otona No Mainichi Fuku / Boutique-sha
Buy now from cdjapan (affiliate link)



Professional Techniques for Beautiful Tailoring

by  百目鬼 尚子
ISBN No. : 978-4579115549

Kireina Shitate No Professional No Waza / Domeki Hisako / Cho Makino Shioko / Cho
Buy now from cdjapan (affiliate link)



Ok, so this book was technically, not released the past few months, in fact it was released in November last year, but somehow slipped my radar. I know many of you are drape drape fans so you might be interested to know there is a new book called drape drape dress.
Drape Drape Dress
by 佐藤 ヒサコ
ISBN No. : 978-4579115488
You can browse more on the publisher’s website

Dore Pudorepudoresu / Sato Hisako / Cho
Buy now from cdjapan (affiliate link)


phew…. that was a lot of books and links to go through… if you haven’t had enough temptations yet, here are more periodicals for your selection


Sutekini Handmade March 2016 
Sewing for Spring!
To browse, follow this link to the magazine’s website and click on the Green button with the book icon.



Cotton Time March 2016
Buy now from cdjapan (affiliate link)

(comes with a small piece of free fabric as shown above)



Mrs Style Book Spring 2016



Lady Boutique March 2016 Issue
(buy now from cdjapan)



Cotton Friend March 2016 Issue / Boutique-sha

I am particularly inclined to buying the book on professional techniques and the other book on fasteners. I feel that there is still so much I can learn to make my garments look more “finished”. How about you? What do you feel like buying after seeing all these books?

New Releases

New Releases – October 2015

October 22, 2015

Fall and Winter Sewing books are out in full force! With longer sleeves, hemlines, and warmer fabrics.  It is also time to start sewing for Christmas! If you haven’t already, hop on over to my Facebook page to take part in the Christmas fabrics giveaway. Those of you sewing for cooler weather, check out the new releases below.

cottonfriendkidsautwinCotton friend Kids! 2015-2016 Autumn-Winter
Unfortunately I can’t find sneak peeks of it anywhere. But this replacement for the Cucito magaine (by the same publishers) should not disappoint! No baby patterns though, unlike Cucito. Patterns included are for kids 100-150cm.

Disney Kids Costume (Lady boutique)
ISBN-13: 978-4834741025
Too late for Halloween sewing this year, just spotted this book that was released 3rd Oct but the costumes are so cute! Check out the Donald duck costume! Other costumes include Mickey & Minnie, Alice in Wonderland, Disney Princess, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Lilo & Stitch.


Clothes made of Natural materials
ISBN-13: 978-4834741100

I love the simple yet refined looks in this book! Other than the linen fabrics used, you can also find projects using cotton, wool gauze etc. No polyesters here 🙂


Shareable Wardrobe
ISBN-13: 978-4579115457
Edgy neutral pieces for both you and your SO to share!


Everyday wear using Kimono reform
ISBN-13: 978-4906912209
Learn how to upcycle old Kimonos into everyday dresses (if you have any old kimonos lying around)


Easy sewing for Ladies 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter
ISBN-13: 978-4834740929


Mrs Stylebook  Autumn Winter 2015-2016


Sutekini Handmade
I bought this a few weeks back and I love it. If you are a compulsive crafter like me, you will love this. There are sewing patterns (including a regular column with a free pattern by Yoshiko Tsukiori), crochet, knitting, quilting and even handmade crafts.


Cotton Time November 2015
This issue is all about Christmas as you can see. They are giving a small piece of Christmas fabric (the one with the presents print) away with every magazine.

I get comments and emails regularly asking me where to purchase these new books. I’ve usually linked them to which should deliver to most of the countries. If you have other regular sources, you can use the ISBN information as well to search for these books. Those of you who have a Kinokuniya in your country can try searching on their bookweb as well. Even if it is not in their store at the moment they may be able to order it for you from Japan.

Once again, don’t forget to take part in the giveaway for the Christmas fabrics on my facebook page. Good luck! I will be back next week with a new book review.


New Releases

New Releases – September 2015

September 19, 2015

New releases for September. Autumn/Winter sewing season is here! I am very tempted by this month’s new releases. Especially the books by Koda Aoi.


Title : 香田あおいのパターンレッスン 秋冬の服
(Koda Aoi’s Pattern Lesson – Autumn and Winter clothes)
ISBN : 978-4579115372 Continue Reading