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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Otsukaya

April 9, 2012

Today’s free pattern find was contributed by Alice Heil from Sommet Outta Nuthin… Thanks Alice! 🙂

The patterns are from which is a fabric store with branches in Nagoya, Gifu and Osaka. Just like the fabric store I went to in Otaru, they provided free patterns with the sample products that were on display in the store. These are PDF patterns which require some construction using basic geometry. Some patterns are easy to construct (such as bags and small items) but there are also some that are more complicated (shirts and dresses) and require a bit more time.

The direct link to the patterns page is here – .There are lots and lots of patterns. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and there are links to more archived pages of free patterns.

I really like the dress with the bright and colorful flowers. Really good idea for using with fabrics with border prints.
Check out the little kimono bag in the right column as well. It is so cute!

Here is an example of one of the patterns for making a yukata which is something like a casual lightweight kimono that they wear in summer. Looks a little complicated doesn’t it? But its mainly constructed out of rectangles and some curves, with a little bit of time and effort it should be quite doable. Now if only I can think of an occasion for the kids to wear this…. 🙂

Happy Sewing!

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Sasatto Sewing (offline)

April 2, 2012

Update 24 March : It seems that the following website has been taken offline. I tried searching in Japanese but they all turn up the old domain name which is no longer available.

Most of the free patterns you can find online are for small zakka goods like bags and pouches, or simple skirts/shirts constructed out of rectangles and simple shapes. This is because pattern pieces are usually much larger than A4 size which is what most of us can print at home. I’ve been looking for more free patterns that are for clothes and not just small goods because I think these will be quite interesting to make.

Today’s free pattern comes from a site called Sasatto Sewing. I’ve bookmarked this site some time back but it was quite hard to navigate. I think she has recently reorganized the links and even though it is still not so easy to find all the bits and pieces as there is a lot of text, I think the completed garments are quite elaborate for free patterns, so it’s quite worth checking out! If you are using a browser with an auto translate feature like Chrome, you can try turning it on. It might help search for the correct links, although the text translation is not very accurate 🙂

This is the link to the main page –  From the main page it is quite easy because the projects are listed by thumbnails so you can just click on the thumbnail to the project you want. Once you get to the project page, you will see lots of links (the links are in green).

Just a few things to take note of. The sizes are quite varied from project to project. Some are for kids only and some include kids and adults sizes. So refer to the word size サイズ and the numbers next to it. Units are in cm! (Conversion from inches – 1 inch = 2.54cm)

The other important text to note – 作り方(how to make) and パターン (pattern). This two links are what will lead you to the diagrams needed to construct the patterns as well as the steps for making the garment.

The other links in green (for this particular skirt) are some explanatory notes about the skirt as well as variations of materials on the skirt which will give it a different effect. But the main links you will need are the two I mentioned previously.

Happy Sewing!

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns –

March 26, 2012

Today’s free patterns come from one of my favourite Japanese fabric brands. Lecien Corporation  is a manufacturer of fabrics, handicrafts as well as ladies clothes and even lingerie. I’m sure most of us who sew will recognize their brand as a manufacturer, given that they produce so many pretty fabrics.

On their website, there is a hobby page with free patterns of bags, zakka items, quilt patterns and even embroidery patterns. Click here to view full list of free patterns. What’s interesting is that there are some garment patterns for adults and kids. But the pattern requires some construction as it is not possible for most of us to print out large size pattern paper. It takes a little work but it is a free pattern after all, so no pain no gain 🙂

Some of the patterns provided.

Quilt patterns!

Example of the pattern and the diagram to show how to construct the pattern. Note that the units are in cm!

That’s it for today! I will be posting my book reviews on Thursdays from now on due to a change in schedule.

Happy Sewing!


Book Reviews

Book Review – Fashionable clothes girls like

March 7, 2012

Ok I’m really guessing the title here. The Japanese title is おしゃれが好きな女の子の服 which literally means Fashionable – like – girls’ clothes. Which doesn’t make sense right? So Google translate tells me it’s Girls like fashionable clothes. Which makes more sense but I prefer Fashionable clothes girls like 🙂

Whatever the title, this book is a really cute one. It is laid out in the standard fashion as most books are. Meaning, contents -> yummy photos -> Some instructions on how-to-make, and then the how-to-make for each project.

What I like about this book is the clothes are not the usual girl frilly stuff, but the quirky, minimalistic clothes that the Japanese are famous for. Think Muji! In fact, the clothes look like they are designed for adults but downsized for kids, which could be the reason why I like this book so much. I could wear one of these!

The book contains projects for spring+summer as well as autumn+winter, which means you’ve got the whole year covered!

At the end of each section, there are also suggestions on how you co-ordinate different pieces together in different combinations for different looks.

Unfortunately, this book does not include any step by step photos, and the how-to-makes are in the standard diagram format. Where the numbers pointing to the garment indicate the order of sewing.

A close up view of the diagrams. Not too difficult to understand right?

Here’s what I made from this book! (It’s dress B from the two diagrams above) I made some additional embroidery details but will post it on my other blog when I’ve taken photos with the model in the dress 🙂 Updated! I’ve added a new post with more pictures of the dress below. Go on and have a look!

Title : Fashionable clothes girls like おしゃれが好きな女の子の服
Author : まのあきこ (Akiko Mano)
Project sizes : Girls clothes sizes 100-130cm
ISBN : 978-4-579-11289-0

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Book Review – Sewing Recipe

February 8, 2012


Today’s book is the adult version of one of my previous reviews – Sewing recipe for Girl’s

It’s by the same author, but with designs, lessons and techniques catered to adult wear. This book covers 6 basic styles (as shown above and below)

When I saw styles 5 and 6, the collars on the shirt-dress and shirt just threw me off. I’ve never attempted a collar before. Not that there are no girls’ patterns with collars, just that I’ve never tried. Wondering if it’s too complicated to do.

Above is an example of a “how to make” page for each of the basic styles. Seems rather short and lacking in instructions, it follows the usual format of diagram + procedure in numbered steps. Description of the numbered steps is also in point form. So, how to make???

Thankfully, the rest of the book covers all the basics and advanced techniques you need for the steps in all the garments included 🙂

Starting from basics, and I really mean basics…. like how to thread your sewing machine!

After covering the basics, she moves on to cover Techniques. The pictures below shows the process of making gathers.

Not all the lessons are in photographs though, some are in diagrams, but as you can see below, it is pretty clear cut. I would say most of the time I don’t have to reach for my dictionary to understand it.

Oh, and for those of you (like myself) who have a great phobia of zips, there are a few good tutorials showing you how zips are inserted in a few ways. The one below shows the way to insert zips into a skirt.

There are also techniques for inserting side pockets, collars, yokes, all the baffling sewing techniques for advanced sewers, but showing in step by step photographs. Armed with this knowledge, you can build all 6 garments showin in the contents page!

This is a great book for learning everything from basics to advanced techniques. And a great beginner book to start making clothes of your own.

Book Title : Sewing Recipe
Author : 月居良子
ISBN : 978-4-579-11180-0