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Free Pattern – Little Kitty Fleece Hat

November 19, 2012

I’m in the midst of another holiday sewing frenzy. Last year I made snow pants (for the kids and myself), fleece pullovers, crocheted beanies and gloves and knitted scarves (for the whole family!). Unfortunately, some pieces went missing, and the rest don’t quite fit anymore because the kids have grown! So this year I’m looking for quick and simple projects, that will not break my heart when they go missing in the snow.

The first thing I had to make was simple fleece jackets to act as linings inside their new ski jackets. I bought ski jacket+snow pants sets from Rakuten this year. At less than 4000yen for one set it didn’t make sense for me to make the snow pants myself. Then I ordered some fleece from at US$4.98/yard. Fleece lining jackets are available here at outdoor sports shops, but they are waaaay overpriced.  I drew my own patterns for the jackets and I’m in the middle of taking photos of the steps, hopefully there will be a sew-along soon. 🙂

Then my hubby reminded me this morning that he wanted to buy a new beanie, I offered to sew one for him but he politely declined. I then decided to look for a fleece beanie pattern for my little girls and this is what I found!

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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern –

October 23, 2012

Sorry for the late post. Today’s free pattern is from るんるんソーイング (Run Run sewing) and it contains free patterns for babies, kids, adults, accessories, bags and even zakka! The homepage contains the list of projects and even though there are very few pictures on the homepage, you can use a browser translation tool to view the projects. There is also an English page,, and the projects linked from the English page also have translations in English!

Anybody needs a mermaid tail for Halloween? This is a rea life size tail – 180cm long. Scales are sewn on individually!

Most of the patterns are made out of simple geometric shapes (this one above is for a sweater – the one on the top right of the first picture)

Most of the instructions come with step by step pictures like this.

The website may not look like much at first glance because the home page is mainly text and very few pictures., but dig around and you can find lots of cute projects here. Happy Sewing! 🙂

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Atelierhukutsukuro

October 15, 2012

Today’s free pattern link may prove to be immensely useful to some, but not of much use to others. Why do I say that? Well, I have been looking for free patterns on Men’s shirts but I’ve never come across one that is so professionally done (and free!). Most of the rest are for simple T-shirts, but this is a real shirt with collar and pockets and cuffs! However, there is only one size provided, and there doesn’t seem to be a complete set of instructions included.  The pattern is provided in a multi-page PDF which means you will need to print the pieces out and piece it together like a puzzle. So given that it is one size only with no step by step pictures and no instructions, this may be useful only to those who have made a shirt before and are familiar with the steps in making a shirt. But just take a look at the resulting shirt! Doesn’t it look like it might be worth the effort? 😉

The free pattern is provided by a website called Atelier 服つくろ Atelierhukutsukuro . The description below the site name says 縫製工場で働く2児のパパのブログ ( Google translate says – “Dad’s blog of two children working in the garment factory”) Due to the difference in grammar between the Japanese and English language, I think the father works in the garment industry, and not the two children 😛 So it’s blog of a Father of two, who works in the garment industry.

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