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Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Kabanhime

September 25, 2012

Sorry for the late post. Was trying to (obsessing) finish up a dress. Do you know that feeling? 😛

Anyway, today’s title is not strictly correct, because today’s free “patterns” site doesn’t provide any patterns, but shows us how she  made the following items out of simple shapes and rectangles. The website is called Kabanhime – an original handmade bag pattern shop. She has a shop selling patterns but she has also listed some for free.

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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Macaroon Pouch

September 17, 2012

Have you seen the uber cute macaroon pouches? They are cute and tiny  and you can customize them using embroidery, fabrics, even crochet. All you need are some scrap fabrics, a zip and some large covered buttons. Here are some free (with great photo instructions) patterns on how to make them. I found these online a few months back, but wasn’t sure if it was easy to find the materials needed, because all the Japanese sites seem to point to these macaroon pouch kits that include all the materials. It was not till recently that I realized the plastic piece you need for the backing is actually just a large cover button. I haven’t seen those in such large sizes though, so I’m not sure if they are easy to find. Anyway, it looks like a fun project if you can get your hands on the large cover buttons. And a really great gift as well.

  1. Andy’s Room –
  2. neige+ 手作りのある暮らし-
  3. + Le tiRoir+
There is also a youtube video for making a bear macaroon pouch. Super cute!
If you like more inspiration, there are books dedicated to macaroon pouches too 🙂


Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – ham*a

September 10, 2012

Back to school! I can’t decide if I like school holidays. I enjoy the sleeping in, but by mid week I’m out of ideas to entertain the kids. It didn’t help that the weather was really bad for outdoor activities last week.

Anyway, I survived, and found some new free patterns!

Today’s free patterns is from a site called ham*a. This lady has a web shop selling some patterns and kids clothes as well,  but as of this posting everything seems to be sold out. She has some pretty good (and free!) patterns on her site though. The link is here. The finished products look like those you can get from books, but for free! Point to note though, some of the patterns are incomplete. I’m not sure whether the links have been removed or it was moved to her shop, and some of the patterns require some extra work, for example, the dress on the top right is a modification of a simple bodice pattern with an attached frilly skirt. The pattern provides the pattern for the frills but not the bodice. So it does take some figuring out. But looking at the end results, I feel like trying it out even if it seems a little difficult? Especially  the puff sleeve yoke dress and the dress on the top right. If I can’t find the right pattern I might draw one of my own!

For those patterns with instructions and pattern, just click on the links as shown above. The seam allowances are not included. As for terms of use, it is stated that you should not sell them at auctions (i.e. online shops), so just making them for personal use should be fine. And of course, no re-selling of patterns!

That’s all for today! See you guys on Wednesday for a post about fabrics. Have a good day!

P.S. Did you notice the site redesign? I left everything in the same position but changed the colors and fonts. Do you like it? Let me know!

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Sew.Co World by Brother

August 20, 2012

Today’s free pattern comes from Sew.Co World, which is a website by Brother, and Sew Co. World is a site set up for Brother users to share their sewing projects. There are also some free patterns available for download on the website. Here are some of the projects you can make using the free patterns. A easy-to-make dress (using a large rectangular piece of fabric, no pattern tracing needed! :P), an after bath dress, coverall for baby, pouches, totes, cushions etc.

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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Nunotoiro

August 13, 2012

I’ve been doing alot of sewing this weekend, in preparation for my daughter’s birthday party next weekend. I had a lot of IKEA fabric leftover from my fabric stash. Bright colorful animal print that I really wouldn’t use in the house, so I used it to make goody bags! I found a site with free patterns for bags, pouches, tissue pouch, school totes. What I really like about her projects is that she uses the nicest fabrics. And the finished product is photographed so beautifully.

The navigation is a little tricky though, there seems to be two different sections

The first is called free sewing recipes and it includes some tutorials on basic techniques
And the second section is a  Back to school sewing special –

I love how clear the instructions are,  and the photos are beautifully taken. For some of the patterns, she shows us how to vary the fabrics for different looks. And I love the fact she uses liberty fabrics! Very pretty!

Happy Sewing!

Oh, and look out for a new feature on Japanese fabrics starting on Wednesday!