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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Macaroon Pouch

September 17, 2012

Have you seen the uber cute macaroon pouches? They are cute and tiny  and you can customize them using embroidery, fabrics, even crochet. All you need are some scrap fabrics, a zip and some large covered buttons. Here are some free (with great photo instructions) patterns on how to make them. I found these online a few months back, but wasn’t sure if it was easy to find the materials needed, because all the Japanese sites seem to point to these macaroon pouch kits that include all the materials. It was not till recently that I realized the plastic piece you need for the backing is actually just a large cover button. I haven’t seen those in such large sizes though, so I’m not sure if they are easy to find. Anyway, it looks like a fun project if you can get your hands on the large cover buttons. And a really great gift as well.

  1. Andy’s Room –
  2. neige+ 手作りのある暮らし-
  3. + Le tiRoir+
There is also a youtube video for making a bear macaroon pouch. Super cute!
If you like more inspiration, there are books dedicated to macaroon pouches too 🙂


Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – ham*a

September 10, 2012

Back to school! I can’t decide if I like school holidays. I enjoy the sleeping in, but by mid week I’m out of ideas to entertain the kids. It didn’t help that the weather was really bad for outdoor activities last week.

Anyway, I survived, and found some new free patterns!

Today’s free patterns is from a site called ham*a. This lady has a web shop selling some patterns and kids clothes as well,  but as of this posting everything seems to be sold out. She has some pretty good (and free!) patterns on her site though. The link is here. The finished products look like those you can get from books, but for free! Point to note though, some of the patterns are incomplete. I’m not sure whether the links have been removed or it was moved to her shop, and some of the patterns require some extra work, for example, the dress on the top right is a modification of a simple bodice pattern with an attached frilly skirt. The pattern provides the pattern for the frills but not the bodice. So it does take some figuring out. But looking at the end results, I feel like trying it out even if it seems a little difficult? Especially  the puff sleeve yoke dress and the dress on the top right. If I can’t find the right pattern I might draw one of my own!

For those patterns with instructions and pattern, just click on the links as shown above. The seam allowances are not included. As for terms of use, it is stated that you should not sell them at auctions (i.e. online shops), so just making them for personal use should be fine. And of course, no re-selling of patterns!

That’s all for today! See you guys on Wednesday for a post about fabrics. Have a good day!

P.S. Did you notice the site redesign? I left everything in the same position but changed the colors and fonts. Do you like it? Let me know!

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Wildberry Shop

July 30, 2012

Did you have a good weekend? I did! My overlocker/serger arrived and I spent the weekend getting to know my new toy better. No it’s not a babylock so no fancy jet air threading system for me, so I spent quite a bit of time threading and re-threading, and now I know for sure, that sequence is VERY IMPORTANT when threading an overlocker. I also managed to go to the Kinokuniya sale which sadly was not that rewarding. I only bought two books, I had a list of books I wanted but most of them were not in stock. Anyway, I was looking for new books on knits since now I have an overlocker, I managed to buy one book on knits for kids, but nothing for myself. So I started looking for free patterns and look what I found!

Wildberry shop  is an online store selling fabrics and notions. Looks like it has a good range of knits fabrics. There are also patterns available for sale. The photos that you see above, however, are from their free patterns page.  (16 Sept 2013 – Edited to add: The free patterns page seem to have been taken offline, but I found some archived links from google. + 

Now we have to learn how to navigate. It may be quite challenging because the links are a little disorganized, let me show you why 🙂

For the first two projects, just click on the links below the picture. A PDF will be opened/downloaded. For the next project which is a turtleneck, when you click on the link, it will bring you to this page.

Follow the links above in the picture to get the pattern and instructions. There are step by step photo instructions for this shirt. You have to click on the blue star to see the page.

There is also a 3/4 sleeve shirt that you can add a hood to to make it a hooded tee, but note that the links are scattered throughout (see above on how to click). To get the hood’s pattern, you have to click on the picture of the hood. There are some other projects where the link is from the picture, or text links. I didn’t list down all the projects here, but if you are missing any bits to the pattern, just click around the pictures and mouse over to see if any links are available. There are some inconsistencies because some of the links go direct to PDFs, some others go to pages, and within the pages sometimes the links to the patterns are text links, whereas for others you need to click on the images. But once you get it all figured out, these are pretty good patterns to have for free! 😉

The PDFs are quite professionally drawn, and being adult size pattern, you will need to print them over multiple sheets of paper and piece them together. Quite easy because the diagrams are well labelled.

This is the instructions for the turtleneck shirt, but it is also useful to the basic construction of the tee shirt, just a different finishing of the neckline.

Time for experimenting knits with my new toy!

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Sel et Sucre

June 18, 2012

Have you heard of a bag-in-bag? Do you have a bag-in-bag?

Well, a bag-in-bag is basically a smaller bag that has lots of pockets and compartments that allows you to sort everything out and be super organized! It’s great for keeping all the important things like your mobile phone, cards, wallet. Not only does it keeps you super organized, but it is a great grab and go bag when you can leave your larger bag in the office when you head out to lunch.

Want to make one? Grab your free pattern from this site – Sel et Sucre. This free pattern is provided by a lady named Rica who makes the most amazing bags. You can have a look at the rest of her creations from the main site here

The bag can be carried by the handles from the top, but there are also two hooks at the side for attaching a strap.

Step by step photographs for instructions!

And here’s showing you how to click on the links. The first link is for the pattern download. The other two are for the instructions.

Happy Sewing!