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Translation Request – C zip

April 11, 2014

Today’s translation request is for Sheri, who needed to make this jacket for a wedding later this month.

The pattern is from this book which I reviewed two years ago

pg1_sm pg2_sm pg3_sm


Patterns (C/ 1 side)
Back bodice, Front bodice, Yoke, Front edge facing
Front neckline facing, Sleeve slit facing, side slit facing
Pocket top, pocket bottom, outer sleeve,
inner sleeve

Materials (double gauze) = 108cm wide

Open fastener (zip) 49cm x 1 pc
Fastener (for sides) 2pcs, 11cm (for sleeve opening) 2pc
9cm (for pockets) 2pcs

Order of make (star symbol means to refer to diagram)
*Attach interfacing to the wrong sides of all facing pieces
*Overlock/zig-zag stitch the outer edge of the side slit facing
and sleeve slit facing.

01 Sew the 2 back pieces together with a flat-felled seam

02 Attach zips to pocket openings, make pockets and attach to
front bodice

03 Tack the zips to the front edges of the front bodice, sew front bodice pieces with
yoke outer piece (right sides together). Sew front neckline facing piece to yoke inner piece.

04 Align and place the front edge facing pieces to the front edges of the bodice,
then the neckline + back inner yoke pieces over the front bodice neckline + back yoke
outer piece, all right sides facing. Sew all around from the front bodice edge, to the neckline,
then to the other front bodice edge.

05 Attach the back bodice to the yoke. First sew the back bodice and outer yoke together,
then fold the seam allowance of the inner yoke inwards and stitch in place.

06 Sew the side seams with a flat-felled seam, attach fasteners

07 Finish the front and back hems with a double fold hem. Stitch in place.

08 Align the outer and inner sleeves along the seam lines and sew with a flat felled seam,
attach fasteners similar to the side seam.

09 Sew the underarm seams with a flat felled seam.

10 Finish the sleeve opening with a double fold hem, and stitch in place.

11 Align the armhole with the sleeves, right sides together and sew. Overlock/serge both
layers of seam allowances together to finish the edge.

Happy sewing Sheri! 🙂