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Book Review – Children’s Clothing with a Lock Machine

August 11, 2012

So I finally bought my serger, so the first thing I needed was a book that would teach me how to sew with one. I wanted to get this book but it was out of stock in the bookshop.

So I bought the next best thing! A book on sewing with the ロックミシン – literally Lock Machine. It’s by Kurai Muki, and it covers making kids clothes using a serger.

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Book Reviews Japanese Sewing Books Ladies Sewing Patterns

Book Review – Easy wearing Clean-cut Ladies clothes

July 27, 2012

The title of today’s book review is ゆったりだけどすっきりシルエットの大人服 This was a tricky one. The direct translation on Google translate said “Loose but Clear Silhouette Adults Clothes”.  I take it as Loose = Easy fitting/easy to wear, Clear Silhouette = Well defined lines (despite it being loose?), Adult clothes (says adult, but there are only women’s patterns in here). So apparently readers may think loose = ill-fitting, therefore the emphasis on clear silhouette? 😉

This is another Pochee special from the Heart Warming Life Series, published by Nihon Vogue. There are 39 projects in all, with everything from outerwear to tops, dresses, skirts, leggings and even bags. Enough to sew up an entire wardrobe!

Here are some of the tops. As you can see, they are all loose fitting and easy to wear.  Continue Reading

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Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – Kizuqueen

July 23, 2012

There are lots of free pattern resources out there, but there are also many with more text than pictorial instructions. Which makes it hard to understand given the way Google auto-translates, which tends to be inaccurate when the grammar pattern of the target language is not similar to English. So when I come across a site with good free patterns with lots of pictures, I just had to post it, even if there are only a few projects listed. 😛

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Book Review – Kurai Muki’s Basic Bag Making

July 21, 2012

This post was due yesterday but I was caught up with a little project. Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen a youtube bag making video that I posted a few days ago. That project is from this book, and after watching the video I was inspired to actually get started on it!

This book is called Kurai Muki’s Basic Bag Making. I bought this book while on holiday in Japan from the fabric shop Kanariya. It was sitting on the Top 10 Ranking table at the craft book section. I love Kurai Muki’s books. She has written many books on sewing, including clothes for adults and children. You can see the whole list of books written by her on her website. (The website is in frames so you need to click on the third link on the left hand navigation bar.) I have also reviewed one of her books on girls dresses called Simple+One here.

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