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Japanese Fabrics

Japanese Fabrics – nani IRO 2017

March 16, 2017

A package I’ve been waiting for eagerly since February just arrived two days ago. Hand-delivered by! It’s school holidays this week so it’s hard to get anything done but I just had to quickly snap a few photos to share with you my lovely fabrics.



SAAAA SAAA Shimanto in Double gauze.
View full panel fabric and project ideas.


Wildflower Window in Double Gauze
view full panel fabric here


Lei nani – For beautiful corolla in Double Gauze
(from top to bottom)
Spring rain, Birds humming and Open sky

Fuccra : Rakuen
マヨルカMallorca / アマルフィAmalfi /エルニド El Nido
The fabrics in the series are named after beautiful places around the world.
This must be my favourite print of all, and one that I have in multiple colorways in my stash. Do you notice something different about the 3 fabrics?

2 of the 3 fabrics above are cotton sateen. I don’t think it’s the first time nani IRO is available in cotton sateen. If I’m not wrong, Shine Many Ways in the 2014 collection was the first, but this is the first time it’s been used for Fuccra : Rakuen and it is so beautiful I’m already ordering more. The fabric is soft and drapey, and smooth to touch.


To give you a better idea, I’m showing you a comparison with my other Fuccra : Rakuen in the exact same colorway but double gauze. I think it’s quite clear in the above picture which one is which.


Here’s a top view comparing similar graphics. The colors in the cotton sateen really do pop out a lot more, and the background color is a lot smoother.


The cotton fabric is thin and drapey, with a fine weave. The surface is silky with a sheen. I do hope it holds up to washing because I have not prewashed it yet and I have had bad experiences in the past washing cotton sateen (not from nani IRO but from other brands) as the sheen may disappear. I am crossing my fingers!

I’m so glad that this new material is available other than the usual double gauze and linens. Double gauze and linens are comfortable and cool for everyday wear, but the truth is that the look is more casual than formal. With cotton sateen, the look will be more refined and luxe, and I can imagine beautiful party dresses, jackets, skirts and blouses in them.

In the spirit of experimentation, I will be sacrificing my own precious piece of cotton sateen. (Don’t worry I can order more from Will prewash it to test for shrinkage and I will make something out of it. So come back next week and see what I have made!


Translations and Help with Patterns

Translation Requests – Nani Iro Kids Culottes

May 29, 2014

This pattern translation was requested by Vania, and I’m sure many of you will find it useful since it is a free pattern, the construction diagram is provided, and it will be perfect for summer!

Use your favourite nani iRO double gauze fabric, or a light cotton lawn for best effect.


The original pattern is from nani IRO’s official site – link to pattern page, and do check out the other free patterns. This is from the 2014 design range so you can check out the gorgeous fabrics at the same time!

Happy Sewing!

Free Patterns Sew-along Sewing Tutorials Sewing Videos

Free tutorial and sewing video – The nani IRO reversible shoulder bag

March 27, 2013

Finally, the tutorial is up! It’s terribly late by my own standards because I was planning to release this on Monday but it’s already Wednesday. I tried to do something different this time and got too ambitious, but I think the results are worth it!

First of all, the tutorial is really more of a how to make, and dimensions are really entirely up to you. This tutorial shows you the basic steps to make this simple, reversible bag with a detachable strap. You can wear it cross body, or double up (like I did in the picture) on the shoulder. Remove the long strap and it will be a tote.

For the detachable strap, I used D rings on the bag’s main body, and for the hook I bought it locally, but it is called a swivel hooks/lobster clasps with a D ring. I’ve linked to one on Amazon (affiliate link) for your reference, but you should check to see if it is the size and color you want, in case you want to vary the width of  your strap.

Customize it anyway you want! Lengthen or shorten the straps, size of the bag, remove the D-rings and just make a tote, make it your own!

Last but not least, the gorgeous fabric that inspired it all.
Nani Iro 2013 collection HERRING BONE pencil in white and aqua – canvas.

One more thing. For this project I used the above (which is not quite heavy duty canvas but thicker than normal cotton), as well as an upholstery fabric (which is thick and has some body) for the lining. That’s why I did not use any interfacing. If you have made bags before, you will realize that interfacing is necessary to provide structure to a bag. So I leave it up to you, depending on your fabric choices, whether or not to apply interfacing. For a step by step on how interfacing is applied, you can refer to my previous sew along of the granny bag.

All right then, here’s the tutorial! I am still uploading the youtube video so I will update it here later on once that’s live. Leave me any questions you have in the comments below. Have fun sewing!

Sewing video on youtube


nani IRO giveaway

March 7, 2013

What better way to celebrate the designs of nani IRO month than to giveaway some nani IRO fabric? I’m not giving any from my stash, I love them too much to even think of doing that ;P But luckily for all of us, my very kind sponsor Miss Matatabi on Etsy, has agreed to sponsor not just 1, but 2 whole yards of nani IRO fabric!!!

First of all, a quick introduction to Miss Matatabi – Miss Matatabi is a little family owned fabric store specializing in modern Japanese fabrics and trims. The owner is Frances and not only is she super friendly, she has a really awesome range of nani IRO fabrics in her store. She is based in Japan so you get them directly from the source and shipped worldwide with fast and efficient service (spoken from real-life experience as a customer). Go and check out her store, but be warned for you might get stuck there for a while. ;P

For the giveaway she has selected 2 different designs, 1 yard each so that we can have not 1, but 2 winners!

Nani Iro Woodblock POCHO Japanese Fabric – Geology – brown and cream
2013 collection
100% cotton double gauze
Click here for more item details

Pon Pocho – NIKO
2012 collection
100% cotton double gauze
width: 106cm
Click here for more item details

Now it’s time to get excited! Here’s how you enter the giveaway. You don’t have to do all of them, but for every extra point you do, you get an extra chance to win!

1. Like my Facebook page
2. Follow me on instagram –
3. Like Miss Matatabi’s facebook page
4. Follow Miss Matatabi on instagram –
5. One extra chance will be given for those who “Share” the posts on either of our Facebook pages listed above.

Finally, leave a comment below this post and tell me which of the above you have done, as well as your Facebook/Instagram usernames (so that we know who to give the fabric to ;P)
One comment per person please. Thank you!
And remember, the comments need to be approved (to cut down on spam) so if you are commenting for the first time, don’t be worried if you don’t see your comment showing up immediately.

This giveaway ends on the 28th of March 00:00hrs UTC/GMT (click to find out the corresponding time where you are), and I will announce the 2 winners on the following day.


Giveaways Japanese Fabrics Translations and Help with Patterns

March is nani IRO month!

March 4, 2013

I first discovered naniIRO fabric more than 5 years ago while fabric shopping in Odakaya in Shinjuku which is a craft and fabric store. Located near the cashier was a row of fabrics. The colors were colorful yet muted in a way, and the water color effect was just too gorgeous to resist. I stood there for quite a while deciding which to buy (because they were pretty expensive). I finally ended up with a red + turquoise polka dotted fabric. To be honest I have not made anything out of her fabrics yet because her fabrics are works of art and I can’t bear to cut them up! But I intend to overcome that this month by making something using her fabrics for the free sewing pattern+tutorial+video. Wish me luck!

Picture from Pochee 2007 Summer

I had the book (Pochee 2007 Summer) for a while and it was not till last year while flipping through my old books that I noticed this interview with the designer of naniIRO. Her name is Naomi Ito and in her profile she describes herself as watercolor painter+textile designer. You can view her works and gallery here. Other than fabrics (which include double gauze, quilted cottons, laminates, knits, canvas), there is even has an online store on the naniIRO website selling products for the home, kitchen, zakka goods and more. Check these lovely aprons out!

Image from

So what is naniIRO month all about? There will be a book review (on her patterns book), pattern translations (using the free patterns from her site), and fabrics of course. On the last week of the month there will also be a free pattern of my own that I will create and sew using naniIRO fabric, and a giveaway! The details of the giveaway will be up as soon as I get the details firmed up. 🙂 Be patient!

In the meantime, you can get started with a quick project using a pattern I translated a couple of months ago for a reader. The pattern is an women’s smock from the 2009 free patterns page.

Happy sewing!