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Book Review – Kids Felt Toys

November 9, 2012

Today’s book review is a very cute book on make-believe felt toys for kids. The title is フエルトのごっこあそび。I went through a period of making felt food quite some time ago, as I can’t really keep my hands still even when I’m watching TV and I’m always wanting to make something. So when I discovered it I was literally sewing everywhere. Since this calls for hand-stitching it is a easy hobby to tote around. That was, until I discovered crochet and moved on.

I bought this book because there were so many cute ideas in it for making toys out of felt. There were so many projects I wanted to make but I have to confess that I haven’t made a single one. Partly because my kids have more or less outgrown “soft” toys. But I was reminded of this book today, when my 18month old niece came to visit, and there were not many suitable toys for her because she is mouthing everything right now. So maybe I have to make her something for Christmas!

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