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Book Review – Lock Machine Book

November 16, 2012

I once mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to get hold of this book but it was out of stock. I finally managed to get my hands on it, and it’s good! I bought this book because I was venturing into the world of overlocking and even after playing around with my overlocker, I wasn’t very sure how to adjust the tensions or if I was doing it right. Learning to thread was manageable after many trials and errors, but there was still a learning curve in figuring out how to adjust the tensions, and especially how to sew on knits.

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Book Review – Children’s Clothing with a Lock Machine

August 11, 2012

So I finally bought my serger, so the first thing I needed was a book that would teach me how to sew with one. I wanted to get this book but it was out of stock in the bookshop.

So I bought the next best thing! A book on sewing with the ロックミシン – literally Lock Machine. It’s by Kurai Muki, and it covers making kids clothes using a serger.

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