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Free pattern and tutorial – Skirt with piped pockets.

April 30, 2013

This months free tutorial is partly inspired by the Skirts special in Cucito Spring 2013, my kids, and the Great British Sewing Bee! Yup! you heard me right. I heard so much about it but had given up hope of watching it since it is not showing on TV here. But luck would have it, someone posted a link to it on youtube and I watched it and got hooked! Many people compare it to Project Runway, but in my opinion Project Runway is more about the contestants than the craft itself. The Great British Sewing Bee is really more about sewing. It’s educational, informative, and you can actually see them sewing. My only gripe is that they keep referring to us as sewers. Aren’t sewers for sewage??? Anyway, the actual challenge that got me thinking was the pocket challenge in Episode 2, where they had to make pockets for a ready-made skirt in 60 minutes. I must say I was not impressed by any of their pockets. Maybe except for Lauren’s.

In the Cucito Spring, there were lots of skirts. Frilly skirts, gathered skirt, tiered skirts, but none with pockets. And kids need pockets. Kids love pockets. The last two dresses I made for them both had side pockets and the first thing they do when they discover a pocket is to find something to put in it. I’ve always wondered how to make this particular type of pockets, and I didn’t know what they were called so I couldn’t find a pattern. They are not quite side pockets nor patch pockets, so I decided to make up the pattern myself. I’m not even sure if this is the right way to construct them but it works!

So here you are, a new skirt pattern with pockets 🙂

Fabric used : A walk in the woods  by Aneela Hoey for moda fabrics.
Says Made in Japan on selvedge. Bought at clearance price of SG$9/yard!

I only had time to make one size this time, and the measurements for a 116cm size are based on a waist measurement of  58cm, but  as it’s a elastic band skirt so it is quite adaptable for sizes between 110-130. Model in picture above is 128cm tall but with a tiny waist.  Just adjust the length of the skirt and elastic band accordingly. You can also adapt this process to an adult size skirt.

Here’s what you will need for a 116cm size skirt.

Materials (based on 116cm size)

  1. Skirt Fabric –  1m (112cm wide)
  2. Elastic Band – 60cm (2.54cm or 1″ wide)
  3. Satin Bias Tape Piping – 25cm (approx 1cm or 3/8″ wide)

You will also need a zipper foot (see step by step photos if you are not sure which one it is) for attaching the piping.

Cutting Diagram (based on 116cm size)

Cut the following pieces from skirt fabric

  1. Skirt Front and Skirt Back pieces – 98cm (W) x 35cm (H)
  2. Waistband piece – 75cm (W) x 9cm (H)
  3. Pocket front pieces – 2 pieces that are mirrored images of each other, using pattern below.
  4. Pocket back pieces – 2 pieces using pattern below.

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How to Make
Step by step photographs

Sad to say, there is no video this time round. I did take some videos of the sewing process but due to time constraints, did not have time to finish filming all the sections. When I make skirt number 2 I will fill up the gaps so hopefully the youtube video will materialize later on!