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March is nani IRO month!

March 4, 2013

I first discovered naniIRO fabric more than 5 years ago while fabric shopping in Odakaya in Shinjuku which is a craft and fabric store. Located near the cashier was a row of fabrics. The colors were colorful yet muted in a way, and the water color effect was just too gorgeous to resist. I stood there for quite a while deciding which to buy (because they were pretty expensive). I finally ended up with a red + turquoise polka dotted fabric. To be honest I have not made anything out of her fabrics yet because her fabrics are works of art and I can’t bear to cut them up! But I intend to overcome that this month by making something using her fabrics for the free sewing pattern+tutorial+video. Wish me luck!

Picture from Pochee 2007 Summer

I had the book (Pochee 2007 Summer) for a while and it was not till last year while flipping through my old books that I noticed this interview with the designer of naniIRO. Her name is Naomi Ito and in her profile she describes herself as watercolor painter+textile designer. You can view her works and gallery here. Other than fabrics (which include double gauze, quilted cottons, laminates, knits, canvas), there is even has an online store on the naniIRO website selling products for the home, kitchen, zakka goods and more. Check these lovely aprons out!

Image from

So what is naniIRO month all about? There will be a book review (on her patterns book), pattern translations (using the free patterns from her site), and fabrics of course. On the last week of the month there will also be a free pattern of my own that I will create and sew using naniIRO fabric, and a giveaway! The details of the giveaway will be up as soon as I get the details firmed up. 🙂 Be patient!

In the meantime, you can get started with a quick project using a pattern I translated a couple of months ago for a reader. The pattern is an women’s smock from the 2009 free patterns page.

Happy sewing!

Girls Sewing Patterns Translations and Help with Patterns

Translation Request

February 15, 2013

Just wanted to share with you a recent translation request from one of my readers – Kat, that I received a few weeks ago. I was so sure I reviewed this book before but after searching my own archives, it seems that I haven’t?

Anyway, this book is all about Girls clothes using knit fabrics. Those of you who have this book may find it useful so I will post the translations below. There were two requests – pattern C and pattern P. I will post one up today and the other next week.

Picture of dress C. Round collar, short sleeves with pleated skirt and ribbon detail.

Click on the images to view in actual size.

The pattern calls for knit fabrics, but Kat was wondering if it was ok to use non-stretch fabrics, i.e. normal cottons, since there is a back closure. I believe so, since the bodice is high and the dress does not seem tight fitting. What do you think? Or if you have made this dress, will it work with non-stretchy fabrics?

Translations and Help with Patterns

Translation Requestion – Chinese Dress

September 20, 2012

Today’s translation took a long time! When I first saw it I thought it was quite easy. But it turned out that, as I was unfamiliar with the construction of a Chinese dress (it’s actually called the qipao or cheongsam here),  there were several steps that was not quite understandable. I hope it will make more sense while sewing though, and I really want to learn how to make this because I have always wanted to make one for myself! 🙂

The pattern is from the book called おしゃれはシネマから ― お手本はシネマファッション (By 文化出版局 ISBN : 9784579111350)

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