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Book Review – Handmade Rilakkuma

March 29, 2012

Today’s book is really fun. Have you heard of Rilakkuma? It’s a character from San-x, also known as Relax Bear. It’s one of my favourite characters. I have many Rilakkuma goods. Notepads, a tote bag, even have a 3D Rilakkuma iphone case! 🙂

For those of you who are fans, this is a great book. It provides you with the patterns to make all kinds of Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma goods. The crafts include Amigurumi (crochet dolls), felt mascot, stuffed toy, puppets, personal accessories, lunch goods, interior goods, appliques and even bath goods.

Stuffed toys! The only problem I have about this is where to find the correct fabric to make these.

This is much easier, tiny felt mascots. Felt is much easier to get in the correct colors 🙂

Awfully cute hair accessories!

I wanted to make this for my daughter’s lunch bag but her bottle is too big for it.

I love these! Coin pouches and sling bags. Perfect for little girls. I know they will both want the Korilakkuma purses. (White and pink)

Bath gloves! But need terry material in the right brown and orange. Korilakkuma should be easier?

As these are small goods and accessories, the pattern pieces fit into one page of the book. But it looks a little complicated. Some translation might be needed here.

Example of a how-to-make section for a keyring. Looks simple enough once you cut out the basic shapes. There are alot of labels with words but don’t worry, they are just telling you the body part, color of embroidery thread and type of stitch. All of these can be deduced from the finished product pictures in the beginning section of the book. And it’s ok to use a different stich if you want, so no real translation necessary here.

ISBN No : 978-4-391-13107-9

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    I love your book reviews. I have checked out lots of sites on your site and your right many are easy to follow. I don’t need to know the language

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