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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Otsukaya

April 9, 2012

Today’s free pattern find was contributed by Alice Heil from Sommet Outta Nuthin… Thanks Alice! 🙂

The patterns are from which is a fabric store with branches in Nagoya, Gifu and Osaka. Just like the fabric store I went to in Otaru, they provided free patterns with the sample products that were on display in the store. These are PDF patterns which require some construction using basic geometry. Some patterns are easy to construct (such as bags and small items) but there are also some that are more complicated (shirts and dresses) and require a bit more time.

The direct link to the patterns page is here – .There are lots and lots of patterns. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and there are links to more archived pages of free patterns.

I really like the dress with the bright and colorful flowers. Really good idea for using with fabrics with border prints.
Check out the little kimono bag in the right column as well. It is so cute!

Here is an example of one of the patterns for making a yukata which is something like a casual lightweight kimono that they wear in summer. Looks a little complicated doesn’t it? But its mainly constructed out of rectangles and some curves, with a little bit of time and effort it should be quite doable. Now if only I can think of an occasion for the kids to wear this…. 🙂

Happy Sewing!

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  • Reply Tara April 11, 2012 at 6:24 am

    Hello! I just found your blog from How About Orange and I think it is great that you’re taking the time to explain Japanese sewing books. I have a few myself, but have not actually made anything from then yet because I’m intimidated. I think I can follow along, but reading your blog gives me confidence to go for it. Thanks!

    • Reply Japanese Sewing Books April 11, 2012 at 12:29 pm

      Hi soybean, Wow I’ve been getting a quite a number of new FB likes and referrals from How About Orange, gotta pop over to say thanks 🙂 I’m glad you find the site useful. Let me know if there are any improvements to be made. Go for it! Many of the books follow a similar format, and once you’ve done a few, you will be able to recognize the basic terms and you will find yourself buying more and more books to sew from. I’m open to requests for translations (as long as it doesn’t get to much to handle) so let me know if you have any patterns in particular you need help in. 🙂

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