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Japanese Fabrics – Hello Kitty

October 10, 2012

This week’s Japanese Fabric post is all about Hello Kitty fabrics! I’m not one of those die-hard Hello Kitty fans where everything I own must have a HK on it, but I must admit I have a really soft spot for it, and I find it really hard to resist buying the fabrics even though all the licensed characters’ fabrics are quite pricey. Hello Kitty fabric is available from a number of different brands, especially Kokka.  Even Liberty did a collaboration and incorporated Hello Kitties into their floral fabrics.

Here are some Hello Kitty fabrics in my collection. I get all kinds of ideas for sewing projects when I buy quilted fabrics. But they always end up in the stash because I can never bear to cut them.

Hello Kitty in colorful bunny suits! I made a travel sketch book holder using this one before, it’s quite an old design because I bought it 3-4 years ago.

This is not actually Hello Kitty, but Charmmy Kitty. According to the official HK website “Charmmy Kitty is a white persian cat that Papa gave to Hello Kitty as a gift. She wears a lace-trimmed bow on her left ear, and a necklace which holds the key to Hello Kitty’s jewelry box.” I didn’t know that! I just thought they were friends ;P

I made this a couple of weeks ago and my kids just throw their stuff around, which explains the crumpled bag. Sigh… But isn’t it cute? It’s a reversible messenger bag.

Now for the other prints that are more current and on my wish list 🙂

Image from Rakuten shop- Okadaya

Hello Kitty x Liberty range. It’s a bit like playing where’s Wally. It’s so cute and yet wearable at the same time! Although I can imagine my kids will go crazy trying to find all the kitties in there.

Image from Rakuten shop- Nunomarket

Union Jack Kitty Chan.  This is so cute! (using this word too many times) Will look lovely on a bag. The Kitties and bows are also printed on a white background, so you can cut the shapes out to make a little tag to hang on your bag! Or just use the shapes on a pocket, or as an applique on a plain t-shirt. Very versatile fabric print 🙂

Image from Rakuten shop- Craft Dream

Hello Kitty collaboration with One Piece. When I was in Japan in June, I saw lots of One Piece x Hello Kitty merchandise in the Sanrio stores there. One Piece is a very popular Japanese manga about pirates. I haven’t read it before so I have no idea why it is so popular, but the merchandise is sooooo かわいい! (Kawaii – Japanese word for cute)

Ok, enough gushing about Hello Kitty 🙂 But I hope you like the fabrics!

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  • Reply Marianna October 11, 2012 at 6:24 am

    Charmmy Kitty?! Wearing the key to HK’s jewellery box round her neck…?! Looks like Christmas is early this year!

    I do my best to stop DD building piles of HK stuff all over the place, but HK fabric is ok, surely!? Especially when you make it into something useful like PJs. Hm, I wonder if it’s available in flannel!

  • Reply aperello October 11, 2012 at 11:37 am

    do you have a pattern for the Japanese quilt key pouches

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