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November 8, 2013

I need to have a better “filing” system for my blog posts. Now that I have been blogging for almost two years, I find it hard to keep track of what I have blogged and what I haven’t. I was reminded of this recently when one of my readers posted a comment telling me that a free pattern link is no longer available. The pattern is for the kitty fleece hat (see original post here). It was a timely reminder as I was start sewing for our winter holidays. So I searched the internet for a similar pattern and I found it!

There is a similar hat on the free pattern website of Pandora House. I last linked up to this site last year and have not visited it since, but there seems to be a number of new patterns added.

So first I will show you where to download the hat pattern. This is not exactly the same pattern but it is pretty similar to the one I posted previously. The instructions called for 1m of 1.4m wide boa(fur) fabric but you can use fleece or any other fabric you like. On the cutting diagram it seems as if 40cm is enough though. I leave it to you to judge for yourself if you really need to purchase 1m of fabric. To access the free pattern,
click here to go to the list of free patterns for autumn/winter. The hat pattern is the last one on this page. Click on the yellow button below the picture to download the PDF pattern.

I also spotted these bag patterns which look very familiar to Cath Kidston bags don’t you think? 😛 I do love the shape of the travel bag (top left) and the sports bag (bottom right) which, if I add on some detachable straps, will be a great carry on bag that I’m planning to make for my 9 year old.


Other than sewing patterns, there is also a full page of crochet and knitting patterns, including some very pretty crochet bags so be sure to check out this website of free sewing patterns once again!

Visit the free patterns of Pandora House now –
Sewing patterns page – Spring + Summer /  Autumn+Winter / 2011 patterns
Crochet/Knit – Spring+Summer / Autumn+Winter / 2011 patterns


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