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New Japanese Sewing Books for April 2014

April 5, 2014

I can’t believe it’s already the first week of April. Here are the new releases for this month. Happy browsing!


Best Dresses (by Machiko Kayaki  author of Skirt ala carte)


手ぬいで作る! おとな可愛いおしゃれ服
Make it by hand! Cute and Fashionable clothes for adults (hand sewing book by Emiko Takahashi)


一枚裁ちでつくる かんたん手ぬいの大人服
Made by one piece – hand sewing adult clothes (also by Emiko Takahashi)


ステキに手作り ハイミセスの夏服
Splendid handmade summer clothes for mature ladies (Special edition by Lady Boutique)


レディブティック 2014年 05月号
Lady Boutique May edition

You may notice that there are two books released this month by Emiko Takahashi on hand sewing. You can check out her website about hand sewing and her works here.

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