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New Releases – August 2015

August 17, 2015

More new books for the month of August! Not many clothes sewing books this month. Click on the images for more details. Wherever possible, I try to link it to official book websites or Amazon listings where you can search for details such as the ISBN number.


It’s been barely half a year since the last book (that I just reviewed!) and here we have another from Kamakura Swany. Click on the image to see more details from their official website. According to the description, this book contains 30 years of bag making techniques and know-how, all in one book. Oh I can never resist descriptions like this. Should I? Should I?


It’s Nina’s tenth anniversary and there is a new book published by her creators Hobbyra Hobbyre ( a fabric and craft shop chain in Japan). This book contains the pattern for the Nina doll as well as clothes and small accessories, total of 80 projects in all! For those of you less inclined to sew, you can purchase the ready made dolls and clothes from their website too.


The title of it is すてきにハンドメイド. The second word is Handmade and the first word as translated by Google is Wonderfully. So together it makes “Wonderfully Handmade!” Lovely title for a magazine. Anyway, I have seen this magazine many times while browsing on amazon, but never felt compelled to check it out. Today I did and boy am I glad I did! This magazine is published by NHK which is a television station but has its own publishing branch. They published a really good sewing book for ladies which I reviewed about previously. So I was drawn to this cover and noticed that they have sewing patterns for a tunic, dress style apron, a two way bag, amongst many other projects. Sounds interesting already!


Cotton Time magazine is listed as the #1 Best seller in Handicraft Magazines on It’s not hard to understand why. This issue includes patterns for Halloween. Free fabric sample, bag patterns, and lots of other projects inspired by the colors of the fall season.


Yup, seasons are changing even though it’s hard to feel it here. But I keep up with seasons changing with the rest of the world by following magazine publications 😛 The latest Autumn Edition of Cotton Friend – featuring End of Summer clothes and Best of Autumn clothes.


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