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nani IRO 2018 collection – part 1

March 15, 2018

As mentioned last week, I will be doing a couple of post featuring nani IRO’s latest collection, just released a couple of weeks ago! I am trying to sew up something from the new book + new collection in time for nani IRO month but I forgot that it was school holidays this week! So while the kids are at home, sewing is impossible, I will have to put that off till next week, and let’s take a look at the new collection first! I will be breaking up the post into a few parts because there are so many prints.

The first collection is called Ripple, this is my favourite and the most unique design of the lot, and you can see why! The border prints make it for really interesting garments, as no two garments will be identical, depending on how you cut your patterns.


There are 4 different colorways in this range, with the above 2 colors in double gauze and the two below in a thin linen. You can see from the sample images that the borders have very different designs. I actually like the gold scribblings on the yellow colorway, although I can’t quite make out what it says. The contrast streak on the far right is also really cool.

The red and blue versions in thin linen, are quite different too. I personally love blue and white so the one on the right is my favourite (which by the way, we are doing a one bolt giveaway on instagram for the month of March so hop over to take part now if you haven’t already! Giveaway post on Instagram)  The red is also cool. I love how the lighter red (almost orange?) portion looks like dry roller paint streaks. The following dress G from the latest sewing book – Atelier to nani IRO’s closet, is made using this very same fabric. See how the border adds a interesting effect to the dress?


Next up is a more feminine design – Encounter

The idea behind this series came from the Encounter of flowers blooming in the fields, which may have been planted by a someone, maybe a stranger? maybe nature?

The encounter series comes in 2 different substrates – Double gauze and thin linen.


The double gauze versions are lighter colors, with white and  cream backgrounds. Notice the two different colors of flowers for the cream versions?

The thin linen versions come in darker colors. Dark grey and Blue.


Here’s an example of its use in the book. This is a rather complicated pattern with lots of pleats! I think it’s great with linen given that it is meant to look kind of crumply, plus linen has a bit more of structure than double gauze which makes the pleats look more interesting. The thin linen is also probably easier to work with when you are trying to make so many pleats.


The next series is called Planet, and I think it’s quite obvious why it is called that. 🙂 It comes only in Double Gauze, although I think it will be absolutely stunning in cotton sateen! Well, hopefully next collection? As some of the more popular prints do get recycled and sometimes re-issued in different substrates.


The picture below is a picture taken from Naomi Ito’s Instagram. Can you see the uneven colors on the background? It really does look like the constellation doesn’t it? I think this fabric will make a really interesting dress. I am looking forward to making something from this!


Next up is Grace. Ok to be honest, I didn’t really know what to make of it in the beginning, until I saw the sample swatches and the colors are a lot nicer in real life! But I didn’t really know what or how to use it in a dress.


Till I saw the dresses in the book made with this print!


This is dress F – Bias neckline Dress (literal translation) in blue linen (below)


and this is Dress G – Big tuck pocket dress. I think the linen really adds character to the dress as well.

Ok this post is getting quite long, so one more series for today.  The last one on the list is called Mercy and it comes in 2 different substrates too. Double gauze and cotton sateen.


The print is of dancing petals, and it is a really sweet and beautiful piece, perfect for skirts and dresses! The contrast strip on the selvedge is actually quite cute. But it is always too close to the edge for comfort. Wish it could be incorporated into the design!

This print also comes in my favourite cotton sateen! Look at the sheen on the fabric! There are 3 colorways for this print – cream, blue and brown.


Some examples of the use as shown in the book.


Dress N in brown Mercy cotton sateen.


Skirt L in blue Mercy cotton sateen.

Cotton sateen is different from satin! Cotton sateen is 100% pure cotton and woven in special way so that it exhibits a sheen. The nani IRO cotton sateens are very soft and quite thin, and drapes well. You can read more about my sewing with nani IRO cotton sateen from last year.

That’s the end of part 1, look out for part 2 tomorrow! And remember to take part in the giveaway going on my Instagram now – Giveaway post on Instagram

All images from http://naniiro.jp/ and the book – Atelier to nani IRO’s sewing closet

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