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Keshiki by Yumi Yoshimoto

February 12, 2019

The first quarter of the year is usually full of excitement in the world of Japanese fabrics because there are lots of new launches that we’ve all been eagerly waiting for! First up on my list – Keshiki by Yumi Yoshimoto. This is the second time I’m reviewing her fabric (see last year’s IG post of my Keshiki Qipao) and I really love her designs because they are like abstract works of art. The larger scale patterns can be used in so many different ways that every single dress  you make will look so cool and unique.

I’ve been seeing sneak peeks of her new collection on her IG feed @keshiki_designby_yumiyoshimoto since last November, but the fabric only shipped out in January and so I finally got my hands on some!


The full collection. You can see Yumi Yoshimoto’s signature sketching style. Which is what makes her fabric such wearable pieces of art. She seems to be preferential to shades of blue and green and grey, which makes it right up my alley!


This design is called Asa no yama 朝の山 - and they are actually based on drawings of mountains that are illuminated by the morning sun and seen in strong contrast. This is a 100% cotton twill that is lovely and soft and is perfect for apparel.  There are 3 colorways for this design.


The next design in the collection is called Office Street. The pattern is based on a motifs of office buildings, you can use this fabric as you would a stripe fabric. Despite its description as a twill fabric, it is very soft and drapey and smooth to the touch. Perfect for making apparel. I am still thinking of what to make with this, and whether to use it as horizontal or vertical stripes. Hopefully inspiration will strike me soon!


The designer says (from her IG posts) that her inspiration for this piece came from the swaying of ships in the waves. The overlapping wave texture makes a beautiful pattern and she recommends using this for children’s clothes and bags. You can see some samples of these makes on her IG feed as well.


Last but not least, my favorite design is this piece called Riverside, and according to Yumi Yoshimoto, this is based on a drawing of a river flowing hear her house. This fabric is a blend of cotton and linen, which makes it suitable for both apparel as well as interior use as well. There are 3 different colorways for this as well but this is my favorite. This fabric as a slightly loose and textured weave, which


I initially wanted to make a skirt to show the full design of the border print, but knowing that I hardly wear skirts, I decided not to waste the fabric on it. Then I wondered how it would look if I took the colors apart and rearranged them. After all the colors are so well coordinated it should work well in any combination and it did! Did you notice the how the light green squares seem to be part of the fabric pattern? They are actually side pockets!


My Muji tumbler fit into it perfectly. I’m a happy girl! 🙂
The pattern for this bag is from Cotton Friend Winter edition vol. 69 – project no. 22 (aff link)

Cotton Friend / Boutique-sha
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