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nani IRO fabric collection 2019 – sewing with Single Gauze

March 13, 2019

I’ve been busy sewing up the new nani IRO 2019 collection! Just couldn’t keep my hands off it after it arrived. I actually made 3 tops already and planning for another dress and jacket. Here are some pictures!


This single gauze is smooth and sheer and very drapey. Perfect for spring or summerwear! From far it looks like a random blue pattern on white fabric but if you look at it closely there are lots of typewritten words scattered around. especially along both borders.


This is what I made! Pattern is from the book 大切に作って大切に着る大人服 that I just realized I’ve yet to review. I will do so soon!

Taisetsu Ni Tsukutte Taisetsu Ni Kiru Otona Fuku / Kobayashi Murasaki O / Cho


I used some of the border prints on the cuffs,


and the front yoke!


I wore the shirt over a camisole because it is really sheer, but thankfully because it was single gauze it was not hot at all.


I love how drapey and soft this material is.

Some tips for sewing with single gauze – Single gauze is literally half the weight of double gauze, so expect it to be more fragile and sheer. Don’t tug or pull the fabric while sewing, oh well this goes for every type of fabric actually but I would say more so for single gauze because the weave is loose and you can pull it out of shape. If you are not experienced with sewing yet, please apply stay tape (for woven fabrics) along the necklines and shoulder seams, or anywhere that the fabric is cut on the bias/curve or experiences more stress. It will help your garment last much longer.

I did not prewash this fabric as the ease stated on the pattern was really large. Some shrinkage will be expected for single gauze (See shrinkage post prior to this) but unless you are making a fitted piece or the length is terribly important, I did not bother. However, as the fabric is rather fragile, please wash it in a laundry net to prevent hooks/clasps/zips from other clothes catching and making holes in this fabric.

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    Cute blouse!

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