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Book Review and Book Flip Through Video – Stylish Wraps by Yoshiko Tsukiori

July 2, 2017

I received this in the mail from our friends at Tuttle Publishing last week, and couldn’t wait to share it with you! This is the latest book to be translated to English from Yoshiko Tsukiori that is full of patterns for ponchos, capes, coats, jackets, all the stylish ways you can keep yourself warm. You may think it’s strange to release a book about cold weather wear right in Summer, but given the time you might take to buy the book, look for the right fabric, and actually get started on sewing, it is just about right.

I have prepared a flip-through book video at the end of this review where you can look at all the designs contained in the book, so I will just share some of my favourite pieces here.


I just love the cover of this book. Despite the 34C temperature here, I actually feel cold thanks to the tones of the photograph and how snug she looks in that grey wrap.


This is a drape vest, it comes in a drape jacket version too (with sleeves) but I thought this was a much better pictures. I love the draping and how being a vest it can actually be used more frequently as than a proper jacket. I also looks like a quick and easy sew.


There are full length proper, really warm looking quilted jackets in the book as well, but I like this wrap which uses quilted fabric. Another really easy cut and finish edges, add snaps pattern. I love quilted fabric but find that using them full blown on a jacket makes one look rather like a walking blanket. This is much cuter!


A stylish wrap in faux fur of course! If you have never sewn with faux fur before, there is a two page guide in the book with step by step photos teaching you how to do it.


I love the casual look on this one, layered over a dress or even a defined pant suit, I think this falls in the category of refined casual wear. Might be easy to go sloppy on this one so I think accessories are very important when co-ordinating with this wrap jacket.


A more feminine style bolero with tie ribbons in the front. Probably more suited for warmer days due to the length. This can be done in a light and sheer fabric as well to carry off the gathers and frills.


A wing-collared jacket made in tweed fabric and fringed edges.

Now for the technicalities. This book includes patterns for Japanese sizes 7 – 13. The measurements are given primarily in inches, and cm equivalents in brackets.


A typical pattern how-to-make page. I just noticed that there are some bonus knitting patterns included. For e.g. the yellow beret worn together with the drape vest above, as well as the mittens on the cover of the book. There are also knitting instructions for leg warmers, headband and other accessories shown with the main garments.


The diagrams below are from a sample of the instructions.


My favourite feature in Tuttle’s pattern books. The pattern envelope for storing pattern sheets. There are 2 x 2-sided pattern sheets. I often get emails asking about missing pattern pieces. Sometimes it is because they are scattered over different sheets. Sometimes, you need to read the instructions and draft the pieces yourself (usually the rectangular pieces that only require length and width dimensions like binding / cuffs etc)



I love making these book flip-through videos because it makes it so easy for me to show you what’s in the book compared to taking 2 dozen photographs. I hope you enjoy watching them too! Do subscribe to my YouTube channel Japanese Sewing Books to be updated when new videos have been uploaded.

Here’s the flip through video. Enjoy!

The book will only be available on from 1st August but it’s available for pre-order now!

Title : Stylish Wraps Sewing Book
Author : Yoshiko Tsukiori
ISBN No. : 978-0804846950

Or if you can’t wait till August, here’s a giveaway for you! Up for grabs is a copy of Stylish Wraps by Yoshiko Tsukiori. There will be 4 copies to be given away in all, one on each of the following channels –
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All you have to do is comment below and tell us your favourite book from Yoshiko Tsukiori. Need a list of books? Check out my book reviews of her English books here. One comment per email please. Extra entries from duplicate emails will not be counted.

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Good luck!

ETA : The giveaway is now closed.

Unfortunately, the first winner did not get back to me so I had to redraw a new winner. And the new winner is Norah Ho! Congratulations Norah, please check your inbox for an email from me! 🙂

New Releases

New Releases – June/July 2018

July 3, 2018

So I have been busy packing, moving, unpacking for the last one month and even though I planned a couple of posts for the month of June I just could not muster up enough energy to work on it at the end of the day. To make things more tiring, it was also the school holidays and my sister and her family came back for a long visit, so very little got done. But hey it’s July and the kids are back in school so yay now I have time for quick update on new release books I have missed out in June and some coming up in July.

I know that many of you have dropped me emails/messages on translation requests, I will be answering them as fast as I can, sorry for the wait! 🙂


A continuation of the first DouDou book by Sayuri Okawa, here’s another Mama and Daughter twinning book that you need to have! For girls sizes 80-130cm, and Ladies sizes 7-15 (Japanese sizes)

Title : DOUDOUの 女の子とママがお揃いで着たい服
Title (translated) : DOUDOU’s Daughter and Mummy Twinning Sets
Author : Sayuri Okawa
ISBN : 978-4529058124

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For Girls Sizes 90-150cm, 28 (dresses) + 2 small items to make.

Title : LaLa Dress 踊りだしたくなる女の子の服
Title (translated) : Lala Dress Girls Dresses that make you want to dance
Publisher : Boutique-Sha
ISBN : 978-4834746327

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For Girls Sizes 90-120cm, there are also a few unisex items that boys can wear. This new pattern book is by popular Japanese Instagrammer helium (Yui Nakayama). Her IG feed is gorgeous! I’m just sad my girls are not within the height range for the book, but I guess these clothes do look better on little girls 🙂

Title : こころに寄り添う子ども服 (heliumのソーイングレシピ)
Title (translated) : Helium’s Sewing Recipe – Snuggly Clothes for Kids
Author : helium 中山ゆい
ISBN : 978-4529058117

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For boys and girls, but only in 2 sizes 100/110cm. I guess there is an upper limit given that there is only 1m of fabric but I guess this book will be more useful if they covered the smaller size range as well!

Title :1mの布地で作ろう!こどもの服&こもの
Title (translated) : Made with 1m of Fabric!  Kids clothes and small goods.
ISBN : 978-4834746310

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For kids sizes 90-120cm. This summer edition of Easy Handmade Kids clothes includes a project for making clothes for Sylvanian families! Too bad my girls have outgrown the toys and given them away or this would have been really fun for them.

Title : ハンドメイドのかんたん子ども服2018夏
Title (translated) : Easy Handmade Kids Clothes Summer 2018
ISBN : 978-4834746105
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A new book by Yoshiko Tsukiori. Seems like she’s had quite a few pattern books published this year. This time it is a book on comfortable clothes for home and outside wear. Ladies sizes 7-15.

Title : 月居良子の家でも外でも心地よい服
Title (translated) : Comfortable Clothes for Home and Going Out
ISBN : 978-4140312117
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Here’s a book with sewing patterns for older ladies, with simple and elegant designs for sizes S,M and L.

Title : 60代からのソーイング
Title (translated) : Sewing from the 60s
ISBN : 978-4834746259
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cutclothmakesThe title of the book is Fabric items/goods made with cut cloth. Cut Cloth is the literal translation of the Japanese term カットクロス which actually kind of means fat quarters or a pre-cut piece of fabric. It is usually a 50x50cm piece of fabric, pre-cut and usually sold individually or as part of a collection, something like a fat quarter pack. This book gives you ideas on what you can make with such small pieces of fabric, and is great for scrap busting!

Title :カットクロスでつくる布こもの
Title (translated) :  Fabric goods made with Cut Cloth
ISBN : 978-4579116560



The July issue of Cotton time is full of lovely summery floral fabric ideas! I love that light blue+ lemon yellow floral fabric combo! The main theme for this issue are small wallets that you can fit into small bags. There is also a skirt pattern that you can make in 1 hour, and also as usual, a piece of cut-cloth sample – see the top left of the cover, as well as sample projects you can make with this print.

Title : Cotton Time July 2018
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Main theme of this issues – Comfortable Fluffy Summer Wardrobe. Lol. ふんわり (fu-n-wa-ri) means fluffy/airy/gentle. So I am thinking it just means light and flowy clothes for the summer.

Title : Mrs Stylebook
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I will be back next week with a book review! I have bought some  books lately and I want to get back to my reviews too!

New Releases

New Releases – March and April 2018

April 30, 2018

Catch up post on all the new releases for March and April, which we all know is a very busy month for new releases! I’m so excited about some of them I am mentally thinking about which ones to order as I am composing this post. Well, it is a tough job and someone has to do it 😛 There are so many new releases these two months, that I will split the post into two posts.

I will be adding links below for both browsing previews on (if available), and for purchase on cdJapan (affiliate links), wherever applicable. Those without links, I will leave their ISBN number for searching, be it at your local Japanese bookstore or online. Happy Shopping! Let’s go!

The very first one that caught my eye was this gorgeous cover. A new book from Aoi Koda


I have always been a fan of her style. Very simple lines but
this book is for sizes 7,9,11,13,15 and comes with 2 pattern sheets.

Title : きれいな服
Title (translated) : Beautiful Clothes
Author : Aoi Koda
ISBN :978-4579116492
Book Preview link on

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Title : 10の型紙で着回す毎日の服
Title (translated) : Daily Clothes with just 10 Patterns
Author : 帽子 千秋 Sa-Rah
ISBN : 978-4579116577
Book Preview link on

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Lots of Yoshiko Tsukiori fans out there I believe, you might like this one. This book uses variations of sleeves/front opening/neckline/lengths/Pleats etc to create multiple looks simply by mixing and matching. I think I will be getting this one!

Title : 月居良子のアレンジウエア
Title (translated) : Yoshiko Tsukiori Arrange Wear
Author : Yoshiko Tsukiori
ISBN : 978-4391151435
Browsing link on

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divider myfavoritestyle

Title : わたしの好きな服
Title (translated) : My Favorite Style Sewing Book
Author :岩本美津子 Mitsuko Iwamoto
ISBN : 978-4870356269



 Title : 私が作る旅のワードローブ
Title (translated) : My Travel Wardrobe
Author : 笹原 のりこ  Noriko Sasahara
ISBN :  978-4579116485
Browsing link on

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Title : 小さな子どもの手づくり服
Title (translated) : Handmade Clothes for Little Children
Author : 新垣 美穂 Miho Aragaki
ISBN : 978-4579116515
Browsing link on

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If you are a fan of Kana Standard series of books, I think you will love this one if you have a baby! I already have all the adults and kids books, unfortunately my baby has outgrown this one! For sizes 70-90 only.

Title : スタイリスト佐藤かなが作る赤ちゃんのための服と小物
Title (translated) : KANA’S STANDARD for baby
Author :佐藤 かな Kana Sato
ISBN :978-4579116416
Browsing link on

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Title : ディズニー今すぐ使いたい布バッグ
Title (translated) : Disney Bags I want to use right now
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN : 978-4834746068
Browsing link on

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Title : ベーシックで持ちやすく 仕立てのきれいな どんでん返しのバッグ
Title (translated) : Basic Neat Bags that are easy to hold
Author : ロール roll
ISBN : 978-4529057943
Browsing link on

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 that’s all for Part 1! Tomorrow I will upload Part 2, which is mostly the periodicals and publisher series.
Happy shopping!


Japanese Sewing Books New Releases

New Releases – February 2018

February 14, 2018

Is it still cold where you are? Don’t worry, Spring is on the way! Time to get started on sewing for spring with these new and exciting new Japanese sewing book releases! Most of the books have not been released yet, so no links. I will add them in at the end of the month when they are available. But you can pre-order from using the ISBN numbers listed. Happy shopping! 🙂

Tomoe Shinohara is back with another “The Dress” book but this time for kids. For sizes 100-140cm. Her style is quirky, colorful and just kawaii! From the cover it seams that there are some boy patterns too.


Title : The Dress for Kids
Author : Tomoe Shinohara
ISBN No. : 978-4579116386
Release date : 23rd Feb 2018



I’m super excited about this one and I know many people are! This is the new book from Naomi Ito of nani IRO textiles. Her last pattern book was published in 2008 which was 10 years ago! This time, the patterns revolve around her newest 2018 collection which will be shipping at the end of the month. I am definitely preordering this book and will make something as soon as I receive those fabrics.

This book is for adults only, unlike the previous where there were patterns for kids as well. Sizes from S,ML, L, LL.


Just an excerpt from the contents page

This is one of the new fabrics – a jacquard weave which is nice and thick and suitable for coats. I will definitely be reviewing this book so look out for it!

Title : Atelier to Nani Iro’s sewing closet
Author : Naomi Ito
ISBN No. :978-4579116270
Release date : 23rd Feb 2018




A new book by a new designer, well, at least I couldn’t find any other books by her. This book is called 3-sided configuration (as written on the book). Well, the Japanese title is roughly translated to “the use of 3 pieces of pattern to form a 3D one piece dress”.

Title : 3 sided configuration
Author :Masuko Shinkawa
ISBN No. :978-4579116355
Release date : 23rd Feb 2018



Oooo I love this series! If you are into pattern drafting, this is a great series to own. Published by Bunka, the previous books in the series covered, tops, pants and skirts. Finally we are at dresses! 72 bodices, 29 sleeves, 29 collars – for an infinite number of designs! Ok if you really know math you know it’s not infinite but that is really a lot a lot of dresses you can make. Just an excerpt from the contents page.


Title : Pattern School – Dress edition
Publisher : Bunka
ISBN No. : 978-4579073481
Release date : 16th Feb 2018


The next 3 books are under the NHK sutekini handmade magazine label, but sold separately as books. I don’t know how this works, but if you are a fan of Yoshiko Tsukiori, you might want to check this out! The series is called Katagami book which basically means paper patterns. The books are divided into Pants, Coats, Dress and Tunics. Sizes 7-15. Unfortunately there are no preview pics so I’m not sure how many patterns or variations are included. But these are like thin books 16 pages each.


Title : Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Katagami Book – Pants
Author : Yoshiko Tsukiori
Publisher : Bunka
ISBN No. : 978-4579073481
Release date : 19th Feb 2018divider

Title : Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Katagami Book – Coats
Author : Yoshiko Tsukiori
Publisher : Bunka
ISBN No. :978-4141992592
Release date : 19th Feb 2018



Title : Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Katagami Book – Dresses and Tunics
Author : Yoshiko Tsukiori
Publisher : Bunka
ISBN No. :978-4141992585
Release date : 19th Feb 2018



This new book by Check & Stripe will actually be released only in March, but from the preview pics it looks really nice!

Title : Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Katagami Book – Dresses and Tunics
Author : Kayoko Ishida
ISBN No. :978-4087808216
Release date : 5th March 2018


And for the periodicals, we have


Mrs Style Book – Spring edition


Cotton Friend Spring Edition
ASIN : B0788WV1VGsutekinihandmadefeb2018

NHK Sutekini Handmade Feb 2018


Cotton Time March Edition 2018
ASIN: B079B358D5

Translations and Help with Patterns

Translation Request – Cap sleeve Blouse from Sewing Recipe

October 9, 2017

Today’s translation request is for Amy, who needed help with the Japanese sewing pattern for the Cap sleeve blouse from this book by Yoshiko Tsukiori. It is still one of my favorite reference books for all the detailed pictures of sewing techniques. Read my full book review here. Or buy it from cdJapan via the link below (aff link)

Tsukurinagara Master Suru, Sewing no Kiso. / Tsukiori Yoshiko

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The following translation is for the Cap sleeve blouse on page 10-11.



110cm wide Polka dot print linen :
– for sizes 7-11 : 1.6m
– for sizes 13,15 : 1.8m
Interfacing (based on 90cm width) : 30cm

In the table of Completed dimensions, the Japanese terms in the table are as follows


Sewing preparation

★Attach interfacing to front and back facing pieces
★On the bottom edge of the facing pieces, Zig zag/overlock the raw edges.

Sewing procedure

  1. On the top front bodice piece, make gathers, and sew together to the bottom front bodice piece. (refer to page 24).  Zig zag/overlock the seam allowance of both pieces that have been sewn together.
  2. Sew the shoulder seams of the front and back bodice as well as the front and back facing pieces (refer to page 32). Press the seams open.
  3. On the sleeve opening edge, make a double fold hem. Gather the shoulder edge of the sleeve and attach to the bodice.
  4. Sew around the neckline of the facing to the bodice. Turn the garment right side out and topstitch around the neckline (refer to page 32)
  5. Sew the left armhole between the bodice and facing pieces. Turn right side out (refer to page 33)
  6. Sew the right armhole between the bodice and facing pieces, turn right side out (refer to pg 34)
  7. Sew the side seams of the facing and the bodice all the way through to the hem. (refer to pg 34). Zig zag/serge both layers of seam allowances together.
  8. Finish the bottom edge with a double fold hem (see page 59)
  9. Top stitch around the armholes.

Hope this helps Amy! Please share a photo of your finished blouse with us when you are done!