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New Releases

New Releases in Japanese Sewing Books – June 2017

June 27, 2017

This blog post was supposed to be up last week but I couldn’t finish it as I was away for a short vacation. Came back and found more new books waiting to be discovered! June seems to be Boutique-sha’s favourite month for publishing books. Lots of new books from them this month.

Wherever possible, I have added sizing information from the information listed on the publisher’s website or from the book preview images. But there are some books with no information on the sizes so if you don’t see it listed it’s probably not available online. Sorry!

Happy browsing and shopping!

For boys and girls, sizes 70-100cm

Japanese Title :着ごこちのいい小さな子の服
Translated Title : Kids Wardrobe (Comfortable Clothes for little children)
Author/ Publisher :野木陽子 Yoko Nogi
ISBN/ASIN :9784529056977

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For babies 70-90cm, For kids 90-120cm

Japanese Title : 男の子と女の子のまいにちパンツ (Lady Boutique Series No 4428)
Translated Title : Daily Trousers for Boys and Girls
Author/ Publisher : Boutique Sha
ISBN/ASIN : 9784834744286

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For girls sizes 90-120cm

Japanese Title :女の子のかんたん夏服
Translated Title : Easy Summer Clothes for Girls
Author/ Publisher :Boutique Sha
ISBN/ASIN :9784834744422

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One size pattern only –  fits 60-90cm babies

Japanese Title : おしゃれベビーブルマ (Lady Boutique Series 4412)
Translated Title : Fashionable Baby Bloomers
Author/ Publisher : Boutique Sha
ISBN/ASIN :978-4834744125

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Ladies  Tops Sizes S,M,L,LL
Camisoles, Frilled sleeved blouse. Off shoulder blouse, Volume sleeve blouse etc

Japanese Title :今着たいトップス
Translated Title : Tops I want to wear today
Author/ Publisher : Boutique Sha
ISBN/ASIN :978-4834744323

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Free Size only. Pattern sheets include seam allowances.

Japanese Title :AN Linen きぬがわあゆみの大人服
Translated Title : AN Linen – Ladies wear by Kimegawa Ayumi
Author/ Publisher : AN Linen Kimegawa Ayumi
ISBN/ASIN :9784529057059



Dresses without fasteners (zips), loose and stress free clothing without compromising on the form factor. A-line type, side gathers, 3way apron dress, shirt dress, back ribbon closures and more

Japanese Title :手作りワンピース手帖 (Lady Boutiqe Series No. 4425)
Translated Title : Handmade Dresses Handbook
Author/ Publisher : Boutique Sha
ISBN/ASIN :9784834744255

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Using piecework techniques to create interesting fabric patterns from solid colors. Then made into tops, skirts, pants, dresses and bags. Very interesting concept and pieces!

Japanese Title : ピースワークの服
Translated Title : Piecework Clothes
Author/ Publisher :濱田 明日香 Asuka Hamada
ISBN/ASIN :9784579116041

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Free size – fits Ladies sizes 7-13. This a book about creating patterns out of straight lines, so there are no paper patterns included for tracing. There are 25 projects in all, including dresses, blouses, tunics, skirts, pants etc.

Japanese Title :月居良子のまっすぐでつくれる服
Translated Title : Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Straight Sewing Clothes
Author/ Publisher : 月居良子 Yoshiko Tsukiori
ISBN/ASIN :9784058007662

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Small bags – Totes/ square type pochette, purse, Boston bags, clutches etc.

Japanese Title :小さなバッグ (Lady Boutique Series No. 4420)
Translated Title : Small Bags
Author/ Publisher : Boutique Sha
ISBN/ASIN :9784834744200

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Title states Mens-Like bags, but in the detailed description it says that it is more of a neutral unisex design for both men and women. So it’s not a book restricted to Men’s bags, rather, it is a book for everyone. There are supposedly 41 different projects but I can only see 35 on the contents page. There are also 2 lessons for a vivid color tote bag and a 2way shoulder bag.

Japanese Title :メンズライクなバッグ&ポーチ
Translated Title : Mens-Like Bags and Pouches
Author/ Publisher : Shufu to Seikatsu Sha
ISBN/ASIN : 9784391640328

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This is more like a reference book than a sewing book by Kurai Muki. I’ve always liked her books for the clear instructions and lessons. But I suspect that being a reference book it might be text heavy and despite the photographs it may be hard to understand fully.

Japanese Title : ロックミシンのソーイングテキスト (Lady Boutique Series No. 4419)
Translated Title :  Lock Machine’s (Overlocker/Serger) Sewing Textbook
Author/ Publisher : Kurai Muki
ISBN/ASIN : 9784834744194

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Main headlines : 1 pattern 2 different garments (by adjusting lengths)  / Straight line cutting and sewing / Indigo Dyeing Bag and lots of Summer related accessories and clothes.

Japanese Title :レディブティック2017年7月号
Translated Title : Lady Boutique 2017 July Edition
Author/ Publisher :Boutique Sha

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My handmade declaration! / Dyed in blue for summer / Sense up Lesson for girls pants (kind of means to improve on style)  / Best Item – Dresses + Jumper skirt, Apron Dress, 30 types / Simple daily wear etc…

Japanese Title :ミセスのスタイルブック 2017年 盛夏号
Translated Title :Mrs Style Book 2017 Summer Edition
Author/ Publisher : Bunka Publishing



Latest accessories Encyclopedia  / Cool goods to survive Summer /
Marine bag and summer motif pouch / popular Zpagetti fashionable bag and more!

Japanese Title : COTTON TIME 2017年 07月号
Translated Title :  Cotton Time 2017 July Edition
Author/ Publisher : Shufu to Seikatsu Sha

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New Releases

New Releases – April – June Part 2

June 4, 2016

New server, new issues. I could not login to my admin account for the past week due to security settings. Oh well, hope that this is the end to the end of technical difficulties. Here’s part 2 of the releases over the past few months. Oh dear is it June already?

I usually receive some questions after each post regarding where to buy these books. You can either click on the links below where available (some affiliate links), or search using the ISBN No. I have also included the Japanese title for you to cut and paste if necessary (for example if you need to request for your local bookstore to bring it in).


Making Clothes that make you look lean!
Title : 「やせて見える服」を作ろう
Author : 泉 繭子 Mayuko Izumi
ISBN No. : 978-4471400934
Buy now from 



A new book by one of my favourite designers, Yoshiko Tsukiori, I think many of you are familiar with her name by now, as many of her books have been translated into English.
Title : 大人の女性に似合う服
Author : 月居 良子
ISBN No. : 978-4800247636
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7 Basic dresses, simple pattern, beautiful styles

Title : 基本は7つのワンピース シンプルパターンのきれいスタイル
Author : 香田 あおい Aoi Koda
ISBN No. : 978-4579115709
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Nice Ladies Wear? This was a challenging one, a direct translation would have been Good clothes for adults, I was attempting to make it sound nicer. A new book by Nakano Yukari of Couturier Sewing Class. Read my previous review of her last book. I actually made 3 pieces from her last book and have been wearing them regularly. Her patterns are easy to make, comfortable and easy to wear.

Title : 大人にいい服
Author : 中野ユカリ Nakano Yukari
ISBN No. : 978-4529055666
Buy now from



Dresses with Neat Silhouette
Title : きちんとシルエットのワンピース Lady’s Boutique Series NO. 4171
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834741711
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The following books did not come with previews.


Sewing book of Viyella –
I am curious about this book.  Honestly I have not heard of Viyella prior to this, but according to Google it was founded in 1784 by Henry Hollins Sr. as a fabric mill in Pleasley, England. Unfortunately, this fabric brand is also under the Austin Reed group and its fate is uncertain now. This book includes patterns for ladies (S-LL) as well as kids (90,110,130)

Title : ヴァイエラのソーイング BOOK (Lady’s boutique series no.4197)
Publisher : Boutique-sha
ISBN No. : 978-4834741971
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Handmade Fashionable Clothes
Title : おしゃれ着を手作りで
Author : 海外 竜也 Tatsuya Kaigai
ISBN No. : 978-4834742169
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Easy to make and ready to wear – Tunics and Dresses

 Title : チュニック&ワンピース – 作りやすくて すぐ着られる!
Author : Includes designs from 14 popular pattern designers.
Publisher : NHK Publishing
ISBN No. : 978-4141992295
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New Releases

New Releases – October 2015

October 22, 2015

Fall and Winter Sewing books are out in full force! With longer sleeves, hemlines, and warmer fabrics.  It is also time to start sewing for Christmas! If you haven’t already, hop on over to my Facebook page to take part in the Christmas fabrics giveaway. Those of you sewing for cooler weather, check out the new releases below.

cottonfriendkidsautwinCotton friend Kids! 2015-2016 Autumn-Winter
Unfortunately I can’t find sneak peeks of it anywhere. But this replacement for the Cucito magaine (by the same publishers) should not disappoint! No baby patterns though, unlike Cucito. Patterns included are for kids 100-150cm.

Disney Kids Costume (Lady boutique)
ISBN-13: 978-4834741025
Too late for Halloween sewing this year, just spotted this book that was released 3rd Oct but the costumes are so cute! Check out the Donald duck costume! Other costumes include Mickey & Minnie, Alice in Wonderland, Disney Princess, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Lilo & Stitch.


Clothes made of Natural materials
ISBN-13: 978-4834741100

I love the simple yet refined looks in this book! Other than the linen fabrics used, you can also find projects using cotton, wool gauze etc. No polyesters here 🙂


Shareable Wardrobe
ISBN-13: 978-4579115457
Edgy neutral pieces for both you and your SO to share!


Everyday wear using Kimono reform
ISBN-13: 978-4906912209
Learn how to upcycle old Kimonos into everyday dresses (if you have any old kimonos lying around)


Easy sewing for Ladies 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter
ISBN-13: 978-4834740929


Mrs Stylebook  Autumn Winter 2015-2016


Sutekini Handmade
I bought this a few weeks back and I love it. If you are a compulsive crafter like me, you will love this. There are sewing patterns (including a regular column with a free pattern by Yoshiko Tsukiori), crochet, knitting, quilting and even handmade crafts.


Cotton Time November 2015
This issue is all about Christmas as you can see. They are giving a small piece of Christmas fabric (the one with the presents print) away with every magazine.

I get comments and emails regularly asking me where to purchase these new books. I’ve usually linked them to which should deliver to most of the countries. If you have other regular sources, you can use the ISBN information as well to search for these books. Those of you who have a Kinokuniya in your country can try searching on their bookweb as well. Even if it is not in their store at the moment they may be able to order it for you from Japan.

Once again, don’t forget to take part in the giveaway for the Christmas fabrics on my facebook page. Good luck! I will be back next week with a new book review.


Book Reviews Japanese Sewing Books in English Ladies Sewing Patterns

Book Review – Stylish Party Dresses (Now in English)

August 27, 2015

It is always exciting to see newly translated Japanese Sewing Books, hot off the press, in my mailbox! A big thank you to Tuttle who not only sent me these two books for review – Stylish Party Dresses: 26 Easy and Inexpensive Sew-It-Yourself Dresses for that Special Occasion & Stylish Remakes: Upcycle Your Old T’s, Sweats and Flannels into Trendy Street Fashion Pieces, but is also sponsoring a book giveaway for this book that I am about to review right now. Yes you heard me right! GIVEAWAY!

Before we all keel over in excitement, let’s take a look at this lovely book shall we? After all if you are not lucky enough to win it, you will want to buy one for yourself. This book is named Stylish Party Dresses by our favorite Japanese Sewing Book authors – Yoshiko Tsukiori. If you are not familiar with her, she’s the author of many many sewing books. Quite a number have been translated into English as well. Just click here to see all her books that I have reviewed.


I did not recognize the book initially as a different dress was used for the original book cover, and the title was also changed from Formal & Little Black Dress to Stylish Party Dresses (see below).


There are 26 projects you can make in this book, but not all are for dresses. Included are 3 bolero patterns that you can use with the dresses as cover-ups.


The contents page is a lot more descriptive and detailed compared to the original one (below), which was rather minimalistic.


Now let’s have a look at some of my favorite pieces from this book. There are just far too many pieces to cover in one blog post!


The book starts off with the dress on the cover. A simple dress with a midi tulle skirt. The dress itself is made of satin backed shantung fabric which gives it a touch of class and elegance despite its simple lines.

dress b

This black lace dress is made using black lace fabric overlaid on a grey polyester crepe de chine. A quick search for crepe de chine gave me this definition “Crepe de Chine, also spelled Crêpe De Chine, (French: “crepe of China”), light and fine plainwoven dress fabric produced either with all-silk warp and weft or else with a silk warp and hard-spun worsted weft.” – 

dress_c and bolero_d

Beneath the Cape Sleeved Bolero is a simple sleeveless dress. The bolero is made of a georgette fabric which is lightweight and drapes really well. Perfect for the soft flowy look.


This was the dress featured on the Japanese version of the same book. I always felt it was a little plain for a book named Stylish Party Dresses, but check out the back of the dress…


So apparently the details are in the back of the dress. A large ribbon tie! This dress is made from silk striped chiffon and is lined.


I am not usually a fan of these big shapeless dresses, but I do love how the choice of the fabric – CD Shantung, has on the overall effect. First the sheen, as well as the structure of the dress. In the dress description, it is noted that the fabric has a little more body and visible fibres than regular Shantung, and different levels of “shine” on different sides, so you can choose which is the “right side” of the fabric when making the dress depending on the level of shine you want. But what is CD Shantung? I have no idea, and it doesn’t seem to be a regular term. I am guessing it is a slubbed version of shantung? I do think that tafetta can achieve the same effect too if you can’t find the exact same type of fabric.


Another bolero, this time in black lace, used over the same shantung dress above.


A Wrap-Look Dress in Liberty Jersey.

dress_h in black

The black jersey version of the same dress. For a moment I thought it was a velour fabric as it does have a velvety sheen to it.


Another one of those look so simple dresses but the beauty lies in the design of the draping of the fabric. The sleeves are cut extra wide at the end, same goes for the main bodice and back. The skirt is just a simple skirt made in the same fabric of silk jacquard. But wait till you see the back view of this top.


Love this ribbon tie detail on the back! In this picture, the same top is matched with a long chiffon skirt in print. A totally different look, from the full two-piece set, but nevertheless very elegant and pretty.


A very cute and youthful dress made with satin backed shantung. The detachable collar is made using organdy and attached on using snap fasteners. Just to clarify, the dress itself has a regular collar in the same fabric, the organdy collar sits on top of it and snaps on the inner neckline (so the snaps can’t be seen if you are not using the detachable collar.


This dress is called the Dress with Pin Tucks, but you might be wondering, where are the pin tucks? It’s a little hard to see as they are obscured by the Liberty print fabric. There is a black version in the book which shows off the pin tucks really nicely, unfortunately the photos I took can’t quite display the pin tucks well so I’ve left it out.


A Two-piece set in Georgette fabric.  The blouse and skirt are actually separate pieces, and you can wear the blouse tucked or untucked. The skirt has two interesting horizontal tucks across a section of the front and back panels that gives it an irregular hem.


This must be my favorite party dress of all the dresses in this book. A Tafetta two piece dress. The blouse has a ribbon detail while the skirt is embellished with diagonal ruffles. Love the color of the pretty tafetta fabric on this.

dress_x with bolero

One more bolero pattern – A bolero with frilled front edge in georgette. The frills drape nicely along the front giving it a more three dimensional look. The bolero is seen here with a long chiffon dress.

sample how to make

An example of the pattern instructions. Units are provided primarily in inches, with the metric equivalents in brackets. Most of the instructions are simple enough to understand. The steps that require more explanation are usually accompanied by diagrams.

sample diagrams

A close up of the diagrams included in the book.


A handy pocket is attached for storing your pattern sheets. There should be 2 double sided pattern sheets enclosed.


More sewing books in English from Tuttle Publishing. To see my reviews of  Japanese sewing books in English, click here.


available on Amazon for pre-order now

Title : Stylish Party Dresses
Author : Yoshiko Tsukiori
ISBN No. : 978-4-8053-1366-4


This book will only be released on Amazon on the 15th of September, but here is your chance to win a copy of the book before it is released!

Tuttle Publishing will be kindly sponsoring TWO copies of this book. So there will be two lucky winners! Just enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter app below with either your Facebook account or your email address. You can get additional entries from liking Tuttle Publishing on Facebook, Japanese Sewing Books on Facebook, or tweeting about the giveaway. Good Luck!

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