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November 6, 2012

It just struck me that Christmas decorations are up in Orchard Rd (our main shopping street) two months before Christmas actually arrives. A little too early in my opinion, but it did remind me that I wanted to do a Christmas giveaway. I know it’s only early November, but I wanted to run it for a week, and then I will need some time to get the books and mail them out. I also have to take into consideration the possible postal delays due to the festive period, so I guess it’s just the right time?

So here’s how you enter. Either Like Japanese Sewing Books on Facebook, Add my Google+ page to your circles, Follow me on Pinterest or Twitter. No, you don’t have to do all of the above, but if you have accounts with them, why not? It will help to keep you informed everytime I have a new blog post or a special event like this. I can’t be sure that Facebook is reaching everyone so I am trying to diversify my use of social media sites. You will get one extra chance for every follow/like on any of the following social networking sites.

Step 1. Follow/Add/Like

Facebook :
Twitter :
Pinterest :
Google+ :

Step 2. Choose what you want
Up for grabs is again, the book of your choice. Well, more like magazine of your choice. Choose from the following :

  • A – Cucito Autumn 2012 (with Autumn patterns for kids, babies and Mummy and accessories)
  • B – Female Autumn 2012 (clothes and accessories for the ladies).
  • C – Cotton Friend Winter 2011 (with Winter patterns for ladies, kids and accessories)

Unfortunately the 2012 winter editions won’t be available till end of November/early December, so these are the latest editions. Don’t worry, they will be brand new from the bookshop 🙂 and not the review copies because I need them for my own sewing projects! For Cotton Friend note that the picture above is the 2011 edition. If I can get a copy of the latest Winter edition by then I will use that for the giveaway instead.

Edited to add : In case there are no more stocks I may have to replace with another edition of the same magazine. 

Step 3. Add a comment below this post to enter for the giveaway.
Come back to this blog post and leave a comment, stating your “usernames” on each of the social sites you are following me on. You get one extra chance for every “follow” or “Like” to the above social media websites.  Remember to state your choice of magazine as well!

Please comment only once, and leave all the necessary information in the same comment. Those of you who have already made mutiple comments, don’t worry, I’ll put the information together later on.

Note : For those of you commenting on my blog the first time, don’t worry if the comments don’t appear immediately. I need to approve them if it is your first time commenting on my site. Once the comment has been approved the first time, subsequent comments made with the same email address will automatically show up after submission. Anyway, if you really don’t see if after a couple of days and need to check with me, email me at so that I can check for you if it got lost in the spam folder.

End of Giveaway
The period for entering is from now till Monday, 12 November 2012, 09:00 (Singapore time) which is the same as
Sunday, 11 November, 20:00 (Eastern Std Time)
Monday, 12 November 01:00 (Greenwich Mean Time)
For other time zones,  click here to convert the time.

I will announce the winner the day after.

That’s it! Any questions, email me at

Good luck and share this great giveaway with your friends!

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Japanese Sewing Magazine Review – Female Autumn 2012

October 26, 2012

It’s never a good idea to walk into a bookshop when feeling depressed.  I wasn’t intending to buy this because I was supposedly on a book ban and anyway I flipped through it once before and thought there was nothing much I wanted to make from it. Somehow the second time I flipped through it I found a number of items I wanted to make, so there goes the book ban. 😛

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