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Free Japanese Sewing Pattern – UneUneGoroGoro

April 30, 2012

What a cute name!  Today’s blog is called UneUne GoroGoro うねうねごろごろ ( 日々をうねうね 日々をごろごろ)

Google translate tells me it means Winding Purring (Winding everyday, Purring everyday). I don’t understand winding is but I am guessing this lady likes cats? 🙂 It doesn’t matter because she makes the cutest things!

I was drawn to this site because my little one likes cats. So when I saw the little cat pouch above, I had to make one for her 🙂 The little bear is cute too, I can put in some beads and make it into a paperweight!

First of all, her website link is here where you can see all the beautiful things she has made. She has also provided a page with links to her free patterns here – . Some of them require you to download a PDF template. Just look out for the file extension .pdf and click on it. (See below)

The others that do not require templates are like simple bags and pouches, which are basically constructed from rectangles, so just click on the blog post and the detailed instructions will be there. I used Google translate on the how-to-make page and it gave me this. Comparing to the original Japanese Instructions :

頭用の布 7×7cm 5枚    (Cloth for head – 7x7cm 5 pieces)
耳用の布 3.5×4~5cm 2枚
ボディ用の布 7×7cm 5枚  (Cloth for body – 7x7cm 5 pieces)
3mm紐 8cm 4本 (3mm cord, 8cm long, 4pcs)
ウッドビーズ 2個(上記紐が通る物)
フェルト 2.5×1.5cm 1枚

Google translate messed up the body, head and cord translations by trying to translate them into sentences and rearranging the numbers, so sometimes it might be better to use a combination of both, just to decipher the part (i.e. head/ear/body in this case) you are making, but use the dimensions from the Japanese version to avoid confusion.

The rest of the pattern is quite easy, because she has  step by step photographs for some of them.

And scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find more archived free pattern links.

Happy Sewing!

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Yu*yu’s Handmade Diary

January 30, 2012

It’s Monday again! Time for free sewing patterns. Today’s link features a Japanese blog – yu*yu’s Handmade Diary. The blog belongs to a very talented Japanese lady who makes all kinds of stuff, from clothes to bags and even key pouches. She features her products on her blog and sells them at her store (which seems to be closed of at the moment though) but there is still plenty of eye candy on her site.

She has a page on the blog which has a few interesting sewing tutorials/patterns. The first is a nice tote for school going kids. It is more of a tutorial than a pattern because the pattern is a simple rectangle (measurements are given on the tutorial). This seems to be a staple item for Japanese kids to bring to school. The reason this caught my eye was because it was part of a campaign by the Japan Handicraft Instructors’ Association  to request for school bags to be donated to children in the areas affected by the earthquake. This is such an awesome idea!

There is also a key pouch pattern, a face mask, and a small fabric box for holding small items. I think I have that bee fabric on the last picture! The links to the patterns are within the text of the post, I prefer not to link the PDFs directly from here as I think it’s impolite to do so. If you use Chrome or any other browser that can to auto-translation, you will be able to find it. If you need help, just leave a comment and I’ll direct you to the link!

Have a good Monday!