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Mother’s Day Book Giveaway

April 20, 2012

So I’ve been thinking about a book giveaway for a while now. Seeing that it may not always be easy to buy a Japanese sewing book you’ve seen online, especially if you are not near a bookstore that stocks a large selection of hobby and craft books in a foreign language 😉

I’ve been seeing a lot of new friends liking my Facebook page as well as new friends visiting the site, so I would like to welcome everyone and hope that you guys can keep leaving me comments so that I can improve on the content and make this site a more useful one for all of us.

For my first giveaway, I have a brand new copy of Pochée Kids Special that I reviewed a few months ago. This book is great for Mums because there are step by step photographs for some of the projects (great for beginners), plus there are patterns for BOTH girls and boys!


So here’s what you have to do….

  1. Like my Facebook page …if you haven’t already 🙂
  2. Leave me a comment below this post and if you have any suggestions, let me know what new features you would like to see on the site.
  3. If you have twitter, follow me and spread the word with the hashtag #jpsewingbks
Edited to add: I will be picking a winner from the list of people who have commented below, and not from facebook and twitter, so you have to sign up for the book giveaway here!

That’s it! The giveaway ends 25th April (Wednesday) at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time. I will announce the winner here on 26th April. So check back then to see if you are the lucky one 🙂

Good luck!


Book Reviews

Book Review – Pochee 2010 Spring Vol. 9

March 21, 2012

First of all, I’m not sure if Pochee is a book or a magazine. If you remember my other Pochee review over here, I used to think that it was a magazine, like Cotton Friend/Cotton Time, but the staff at Kinouniya told me it’s a book. and it does have an ISBN number. Anyway, I’ll just call it a book. A book that is published 4 times a year, one for each season.

During the last Kinokuniya sale (a week ago), I picked up two older copies of Pochee. This book contains mainly adult patterns, accessories and even matching patterns for kids. This book in particular had quite a few patterns that I would actually wear, and I’ve even made something for myself already 🙂

It comes with a free “gift”. Actually just a nicely printed cardboard piece with markings to help you make your seam allowances on straight edges easily. Just fold over the desired length (in cm only) and iron over it to get your crease.

Here are just some of the garments you can make from this book. Many of them are variations of the same pattern piece, which is great since I’m not a big fan of tracing patterns. 🙂

This has got to be my favourite shirt in the book. It is the shirt featured on the front cover.

This is what I made!

This is my second favourite shirt. I will be making this next.

There are a couple of step by step detailed photographs for a couple of the garments that are a little more advanced.

Updated to add completed purple linen shirt! The sleeves were quite hard to iron as they were made of half twisted tubes.
I think maybe a steam iron will do much better with these sleeves 😛 But on the whole it is a really nice shirt to go with jeans. Love it!

There are also some patterns for boys and girls. Note the little picture in the corner. The kids patterns are meant to match Mum’s outfit!

Very sweet little girls. And I love the dresses too. =)

Then there are bags. A pattern for a everyday canvas bag. It even provides you with the different ways to coordinate the fabrics.
Detailed step by step photos are provided for these bags too!

Other than bags, there are also patterns for hair accessories. Best part is, they even show you how to use the hair accessories.

One of my favourite sections. Peeking into the sewing rooms and creations of creative Japanese ladies. I simply love the way they organize their craft and sewing supplies using an assortment of rustic looking cabinets/shelves. I came across these metal shelves with little cubby holes in them while in Japan, and I really really wanted to buy it. But it would have been crazy to bring it back as I was travelling by train with 2 kids and a ton of luggage 🙁

Last photo. Just a glimpse of the standard “how to make” pattern instructions. Unfortunately most of the patterns are like this. The shirt I made was condensed into half a page of instructions. 🙂 On the right column (where the words are), it basically lists materials, completed size, and the steps for making the shirt. Important steps are shown in the diagram.

That’s my book review for this week! I heard that Pochee Spring 2012 is out in bookstores already. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! 🙂

Title : Pochee Vol 9 (Spring 2010)
ISBN : 978-4-529-04820-0

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Book Review – Pochée

January 10, 2012
Pochée kids special

Pochée magazine is a sewing magazine mainly for women, and I would never have discovered it if not for this.

Pochée kids special

I found this under the sewing books section while browsing in a bookstore in Japan, I couldn’t believe I have never seen this magazine before, since our local Kinokuniya does stock up a good variety of magazines. The name did sound familiar though, so I did a google and realized it is a magazine mainly for women, but there are a few kids patterns in each issue, although the cover always features a grown up. Which explains why I’ve never seen it because I’m more into sewing kids stuff.

This is a special edition with kids stuff only, and it has alot of stuff! From clothes (for both boys and girls), bags, even yukatas (casual summer kimonos)

projects from Pochée kids special

There are also fantastic step by step photographs showing you how to do the more difficult projects or new and important techniques to learn. No translations necessary here 🙂

techniques from Pochée kids special

There are also book recommendations, mainly books published by the same publisher as Pochée. There will be a free pattern contribution by the author of the new book, as well as the picture of the new book and it’s details.

One of my favourite sections – sewing spaces and a look into the homes of creative mums and the cool stuff they made for their kids. I love seeing their sewing rooms and how they organize their fabric, tools and notions.

And here, the real reason for buying this book 😉 I wanted to make a new backpack for school. This is what I made. You can read more about it and see more pictures at my other blog.

There is also an interesting section on how to make use of your kid’s drawings on interesting displays, fabric and even rainboots!

Information about the resources, fabrics and notions used in the projects. I love discovering new fabrics and online resources for buying more Japanese fabric and cute notions!

If you live near a Japanese bookstore, try looking under the craft books section if you can’t find it under the magazines, as this is a special edition and not a regular publication.

Title : Kids Sewing Pochee
ISBN No: 9784529049610