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Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Nunotoiro

August 13, 2012

I’ve been doing alot of sewing this weekend, in preparation for my daughter’s birthday party next weekend. I had a lot of IKEA fabric leftover from my fabric stash. Bright colorful animal print that I really wouldn’t use in the house, so I used it to make goody bags! I found a site with free patterns for bags, pouches, tissue pouch, school totes. What I really like about her projects is that she uses the nicest fabrics. And the finished product is photographed so beautifully.

The navigation is a little tricky though, there seems to be two different sections

The first is called free sewing recipes and it includes some tutorials on basic techniques
And the second section is a  Back to school sewing special –

I love how clear the instructions are,  and the photos are beautifully taken. For some of the patterns, she shows us how to vary the fabrics for different looks. And I love the fact she uses liberty fabrics! Very pretty!

Happy Sewing!

Oh, and look out for a new feature on Japanese fabrics starting on Wednesday!

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Book Review – All Your Kids Need Part 1 of 2

May 18, 2012

Today’s book review is from one of my most frequently used books. This is a book covers sewing and other crafty projects, all related to school supplies and school going children.

All your kids need

All your kids need

This book is also the thickest sewing/craft book I have! It’s 187 pages (not including credits 😉 As it is such a thick book, there are lots of projects and inspirations to be found within. I took so many photos of the projects included that I will need to have a 2 part book review just for this book. Today I will be covering the sewing projects for school and kidswear.

First up is school bags and accessories. Sewing is a big hobby in Japan, and most mothers will make school bags, lunch bags, accessories case for their children when they go to school. There is a special bag for every single lesson! And they all have to be co-ordinated!  When I was shopping for fabrics in Japan last year, I saw a Grandma + Mum + Daughter trio shopping for fabrics for her new school bags. They took their time deciding on the main theme (they had to choose from animals, fairies, famous characters, ballerinas etc…. ), then they had to select matching co-ordinating fabrics, it was a hard decision for the girl to make! 🙂 T. Now that’s my kind of shopping trip!

Look how a simple navy blue  bag can be jazzed up with some scrap fabrics. And don’t forget to label the bag with your name. Embroidered of course. I love how they set up the scene when the take photos of the bags. Isn’t the little tool box with the child size tools just adorable?

For lunch break, you need a bag for your bento, a separate pouch for your cup, and of course, a co-ordinating lunch mat to lay your bento and cup on. (Oops, that’s on the right page which got cut off, but it’s a mat with slots to keep your fork and spoon.

Like the appliques they use to embellish the bags? The book provides you with the templates for felt characters, all to be stitched on by hand on the bags.

And on the days you have sports/PE lessons, you will have one bag for your sports kit, and separate bag for shoes. Even the towel can be co-ordinated as well by adding a matching applique.

On the days that you have art class, don’t forget your smock, so that you get your uniform dirty!

And for music lessons, you need a bag for your music books, and matching pouches for your recorder, harmonica and castanet!

Great! We made it through the school day, let’s change into something comfortable when we get home. There are 4 casual dresses covered under the Daily Wardrobe section.

Add a cute skirt and I’m ready to play!

Now babies + toddlers need some home made wear too. Co-ordinated hat and pants. With extra booty space for diapers.

Some more goodies. Mummy needs a light weight bag to carry when she goes shopping, and the baby needs a bib for eating.

In summer, the kids wear yukatas, which are light weight casual cotton kimonos. Fun to wear!
My kids were given these during their trips to onsens, and they are really comfortable to wear.

Now for special occasions. I have made 3 dresses out of this pattern alone. The first was modified into a Cinderella gown for a school halloween party. That was 5 yrs ago, and the gown is complete worn out by now as I used the wrong type of fabric. The second one is still going strong except that the tulle layer has been stretched and distorted, but what I wanted to show you is this snow white gown I made from this pattern. I used the bodice and skirt patterns, but changed the sleeves and split the bodice into two so that I could add the piping. I deliberately used cotton instead of satin so that she could wear it on a daily basis. You can see more of the Snow White dress here.

And of course there is something for the boys too. Would he like to be a prince?

Or Peter Pan?

Cute little fairy with wings and a wand. Great for Halloween or even for play.

That’s all for today. Next week I’ll cover the rest of the book, which is an assortment of crafts and some more sewing projects. See you next week!

 Title : All your kids need
ISBN no. : 9784579111336
Publisher : 文化出版局
Pages : 187

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Otsukaya

April 9, 2012

Today’s free pattern find was contributed by Alice Heil from Sommet Outta Nuthin… Thanks Alice! 🙂

The patterns are from which is a fabric store with branches in Nagoya, Gifu and Osaka. Just like the fabric store I went to in Otaru, they provided free patterns with the sample products that were on display in the store. These are PDF patterns which require some construction using basic geometry. Some patterns are easy to construct (such as bags and small items) but there are also some that are more complicated (shirts and dresses) and require a bit more time.

The direct link to the patterns page is here – .There are lots and lots of patterns. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and there are links to more archived pages of free patterns.

I really like the dress with the bright and colorful flowers. Really good idea for using with fabrics with border prints.
Check out the little kimono bag in the right column as well. It is so cute!

Here is an example of one of the patterns for making a yukata which is something like a casual lightweight kimono that they wear in summer. Looks a little complicated doesn’t it? But its mainly constructed out of rectangles and some curves, with a little bit of time and effort it should be quite doable. Now if only I can think of an occasion for the kids to wear this…. 🙂

Happy Sewing!

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Studio Clip

February 13, 2012

Studio Clip is a company selling zakka and clothings. They have both an online store as well as physical stores in Japan. Today I discovered one of their blogs – which is a huge library of “how to make” patterns for zakka goods!

To date (it was last updated early Feb), there are 116 patterns available. The zakka goods include bags (all kinds and for both adults and kids), pouches, cozies, baby goods, placemats, aprons, tissue box covers… whatever you can think of!

Most of the site is in Japanese, and if you use Chrome or any browser which does auto-translate, it should be possible to understand the important points such as what supplies are needed and how much fabric to use. At the end of each post there will be a PDF file (look for the words “PDF” in the link. That will be the pattern you need. Below is an excerpt from one of the patterns. Most of the “how-to-make”s are in diagram form so it is pretty easy to understand.

So what are you waiting for? There are 116 projects to browse, lots of ideas for making your own zakka goods. Have fun!

Here’s the link!

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns Links Free Patterns

Free Japanese Sewing Patterns – Yu*yu’s Handmade Diary

January 30, 2012

It’s Monday again! Time for free sewing patterns. Today’s link features a Japanese blog – yu*yu’s Handmade Diary. The blog belongs to a very talented Japanese lady who makes all kinds of stuff, from clothes to bags and even key pouches. She features her products on her blog and sells them at her store (which seems to be closed of at the moment though) but there is still plenty of eye candy on her site.

She has a page on the blog which has a few interesting sewing tutorials/patterns. The first is a nice tote for school going kids. It is more of a tutorial than a pattern because the pattern is a simple rectangle (measurements are given on the tutorial). This seems to be a staple item for Japanese kids to bring to school. The reason this caught my eye was because it was part of a campaign by the Japan Handicraft Instructors’ Association  to request for school bags to be donated to children in the areas affected by the earthquake. This is such an awesome idea!

There is also a key pouch pattern, a face mask, and a small fabric box for holding small items. I think I have that bee fabric on the last picture! The links to the patterns are within the text of the post, I prefer not to link the PDFs directly from here as I think it’s impolite to do so. If you use Chrome or any other browser that can to auto-translation, you will be able to find it. If you need help, just leave a comment and I’ll direct you to the link!

Have a good Monday!