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Book Review – Simple Chic

October 19, 2012

Here’s a book title that requires no translation. Simple Chic. It’s not a very new book, but I’ve been buying mostly books for girls, so it’s only lately that I started sewing for myself and started buying more adult pattern books.

Today was one of those days. Days when you just don’t feel like doing much, want to sleep in, need to go out but too lazy to dress up, and then you just picked out your most comfortable shirt that requires no ironing (or you just don’t care) and stepped out of the door looking like a bum. Well, this book is here to save you from looking like a bum on “those days”. Simple Chic is full of patterns for simple, easy to wear clothes that are non-restrictive (comfortable), but you can still look chic at the same time! Want to have a peek into the book?

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